To no one is this dedicated,
Imma run my own show,
Fuxked up and medicated,
Im like shxt im ready, lets go.

This boy is driving me crazy,
Keeps leaving me to be lazy,
Keeps his love to hisself,
like hes been neglected,
Shoves me away,
like my bodys infected,
Im sorry if i hurt him in the past,
but that gives him no right to treat me like that,
hes a dirty rat a tat,
I try to be his kitty kat (: ,

i need em like plants need water,
hes gone and my leaves just get hotter and hotter,
he comes back and it rains even harder.
he leaves for good, and my leaves shatter to peices.

hes my antidote,
every thing that holds me together,and i wanna be unpoisoned forever and ever,
idk how he feels, if its different or if its the same,
all i know is neither him nor i wanna play a game,
so why is it that we resort to blame?
why cant we just be happy?
why does everything we do have to be crappy?
even if i try my hardest, it seems like the crowd is laughing,
i cant take the pressure,
its suffocating me.