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  1. marmora23 said:

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    Hi everyone,

    I took Palestina's advice and started a new thread for Amr's new song that was sung in Dubai recently. I dont have the lyrics but have provided a youtube link for the song which is:

    I would really appreciate it if someone can translate it to English. Thank you!
  2. VivaPalestina's Avatar

    VivaPalestina said:


    Already did it sweetie

    حبيبى لسه بفكر فيك .. ولسه ليك ف القلب غرام
    My love I still think of you...and there is still passion in my heart for you
    إزاى يا عمرى تقولى ناسيك .. مقدرتش حتى اسمع كلام ..
    How oh my life could you tell me you've forgotten me...I couldnt even hear the words

    ده كلام
    يتقال ... ده مجاش عالبال ..
    Are these words to be said?...They havent even come to mind

    ازاى يا حبيبى يا حبيبى تقولى كدة
    How my love oh my love could you tell me this
    حبيبي .. ياحبيبي .. قال فاكرينك بتحبيني وبينا حكايه
    My love...oh my love...and we thought you loved me and there was a story between us
    مهو شايفينك .. جايه معايا ورايحه معايا
    We can see you...coming with me and going with me

    موش فاهمينك اه ولو بينا حكايه هـ يحكي
    We dont understand you, ah if there's a story between us to be told
    كل ما نضحك على نظرتهم قلبي بيبكي
    Everytime we laugh at their looks, my heart cries
    ايوه بحبك بس مخبي الهوى جوايا
    Yes I love you, but Im hiding my love inside
  3. marmora23 said:


    Palestina you are AMAZING! thank you again