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  1. anti-war94's Avatar

    anti-war94 said:

    Default Punk!

    Anybody here a Punk Rock fan?
  2. Suveer's Avatar

    Suveer said:


    Oh yes, I'm a fan!

    But I love heavy metal and alternative better..

    I like the normally all-fav bands- Nirvana(grunge, i know..:P), RHCP, The Offspring , Linkin Park, Metallica , Iron Maiden, Evanescence, Cranberries(i know, they're old..), Creed... etc.

    But I also liked Korn, Breaking Benjamin XD and Tokio Hotel...

    I have a huge variety of Metal and Rock in my playlists!
    I'm back!!! XD
  3. anti-war94's Avatar

    anti-war94 said:


    Metallica's very good.
    I happen to like a little bit of Metal.
    Though I mostly like Punk and Folk.
  4. astorias's Avatar

    astorias said:


    ـــ★ـــ it seeMs likE every day's the saMe...
    aNd i'm leFt to discoVer on my owN...
    It seemS like everythinG is graY...
    and there's No coloR to beHold..