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    Default Help identify 2000s alternative song

    The song I'm searching for sounds like an alternative song that's probably come out in the last few years. It's sung by a male vocalist. It has a repetitive guitar hook (sorry if I screwed that music term up). I only remember snippets of lyrics, but maybe they will ring a bell for someone. I could provide an audio sample, but it's marred by loud dialogue. Brackets denote possible words:

    "Sifting through [your]..."

    "[Red] lights [fade? play?] out..."

    "...And fall..."

    " the end..."

    I know, very vague, but worth a try. Thanks in advance.

    ETA: Here's a link to the audio: Again, sorry about the loud dialogue.
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    Try Metallica

    Could be useful to hear it, no matter how bad it is

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    No, it's not Metallica, but thanks.

    I'll see what I can do about the audio.

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