Hey guys, I'm looking for really old songs from the Hills so if you know what they are, please send me a message!

Ok this goes way back to Season 1 in Episode 6 where Lauren get's in trouble for being late for work. She is seen holding a polaroid camera, and there's this background music that plays with no lyrics, and then it continues on where Heidi and Lauren talk, where Heidi is getting ready.

There's this other song that plays more than once. In Season 1 Episode 4, where Heidi forgot to get Brent (her boss) his drink, and so she calls her boyfriend (Jordan) upset, and there's this guitar ballad playing with no lyrics.

It is heard playing again in Season 1 Episode 5, where it's at Jason's birthday party, and Lauren is upset at the table. The song sounds a little depressing but it has a good beat!

Please let me know if you have any idea of who it's by! Thanks!