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Thread: Niyaz - Nahan

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    Default Niyaz - Nahan

    I ve been desperately looking for this song's translation can anybody help please?
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    the singer is Azam Ali and the name of her album is niyaz. i couldn't find the lyric but i downloaded the song and listened it. to tell the truth it was too difficult for me to translate it...i'm really sorry.............anyone plz?
    here is the link for the song "nahan":

    oh it seems that the lyric exist as well in the link it is:

    خوش باش كه هر كه راز داند
    داند كه خوشي خوشي كشاند
    تلخش چو بنوشي و بخندي
    در ذات تو تلخيي نماند
    برخيز كه ساقي اندر آمد
    و آن چون هزار دلبر آمد
    اي مطرب جان چو دف به دست آمد
    اين پرده بزن كه يار مست آمد

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    Hello. First post!
    this is the translation someone posted on youtube:

    Rejoice for he who knows truth

    Knows that bliss begets bliss

    If you can drink of life's bitterness and laugh in the face of adversity

    In your soul no bitterness will remain.

    Arise, for the beloved has arrived

    He who has stolen a thousand hearts,

    In drunken ecstasy, he has come with drum in hand

    To lift the veil and reveal to you his song.

    Rejoice, for he who knows truth

    Knows that bliss begets bliss

    Today arrives as witness to the long journey behind it

    So have mercy, for a looker must have traveled far in search of truth.
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