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  1. ThroughCloudsIntoArms said:

    Default My Dedication

    I'm way too young,
    To know that I've fallen in love with this girl,
    But I'm not too young,
    To know that she spins my whole world.
    All it takes, is mistakes.
    To make this world go, down.
    Down, down, this world goes,
    And every single teenager knows.
    That you can try your best,
    And try to be different from the rest.
    But we fall, into our minds, so small.
    I fell asleep last night, i was dreaming,
    And everything was seeming,
    Alright, without a fight, i was beaming.
    But there she was, like she always looked,
    And there i was, thinking 'You got me hooked'.
    I'm really not sure why i didn't see it before,
    Even when 6 am, you were at my door.
    The worlds spinning,
    My god, shes winning.
    I hope you feel my love, come down from above.
    And if it's not too wrong, i hope you hear this song.
    All we need, is emotion,
    To set your body in motion.
    Down, down, this world goes,
    And every single teenager knows.
    That you can fall in love, many times,
    And you can write about this person, in your rhymes.
    But we fall, into our minds, so small.
    I'm falling, you're stalling,
    Please get to the point, or whatever you're meaning.
    I'm tripping, my minds slipping,
    Please tell me the truth, are you what you're seeming,
    To be.
    All we need, is love,
    To make our dreams from above.
    Come down, down, into the world below, it goes,
    And every single teenager knows.
    That you can fall in love, many times,
    And you can write about this person, in your rhymes.
    And if i dedicated this to the person i wrote this for,
    Every second, would make me miss them, a little more.
  2. ThroughCloudsIntoArms said:

    Default Right Or Wrong

    Then I close my doors,
    But there's so much more,
    Inside, but i guess its right.
    Or maybe it's wrong,
    But i wrote this song.
    For every mistake I've made,
    And all the lies that I'll say.
    In the sound,
    I'll drown, it out.
    On the ground,
    Without a doubt.
    This song is so surreal,
    But i guess that's how its been, all along.
    And on and on it goes,
    And no one ever knows,
    Who am i am, or where i have been.
    But i guess it doesn't matter,
    When everything, already shattered.
    Lies, are so absurd,
    They curse with every word, I.
    Hate it when we cant see,
    That we want, what we cant be.
    Lives are full of depression,
    And cutting is their number one obsession.
    All my songs are for, the girl who makes my world,
    A little bit better,
    Been dating since September,
    29th, it feels so right.
    She's on my mind, all the time.
    So i lay, in bed,
    With my words, already said.
    With all the open doors,
    She's the only one im wishing for.
    Heart break, heart ache,
    We all become a mess.
    We don't feel right, in life,
    When we cant deal with the stress.
    The sun hangs high, in the sky.
    And as the days go by, we wonder why.
    Is this worth the pain,
    Off the little we gain.
    When were getting torn, bit by bit,
    I still, think its worth it.
  3. ThroughCloudsIntoArms said:

    Default Down And Down

    And to this person, Iíve never met,

    Your hopes are gone, youíre so upset.

    The world is crashing,

    And all itís smashing,

    Is you,


    I already know that, life is terrible,

    And when itís easy, youíll tear it all,

    Down, and down.

    (All, down, and down)

    And when your lifeís a mess,

    And you canít, handle the stress, you go,

    Down, and down.

    (You go, down, and down)


    Iím hoping that every word,

    And my verbs, though absurd.

    Can help you be happy,

    And everything you want to be.

    When the lights go out,

    And nothing to talk about,

    Just know that I cared, (Thatís true)

    I could be anywhere, (I donít even know you)


    Lifeís, bringing us down, weíre hitting the ground,

    Weíre hating the sound, when loves not around.

    Lifeís, so complicating, life is so frustrating,

    When weíre concentrating, on this life that weíre hating.

    Life may suck, when weíre not looking up,

    And you know itís true, that I, care for you.


    But even though, weíll never meet,

    My eyes will still seek,

    For you, everyday,

    Cause I still have words to say.

    And when your hateís around,

    Itíll bring you down, and down.

    The clocks are turning,

    And I hope Iím earning.

    A smile from you,

    And I hope, thatís nothing new.


    And when the world, turns its back, on you,

    Just know, that I care, for you.
  4. ThroughCloudsIntoArms said:

    Default The Bottom

    Crawl out of the bottom, of this,

    Place that I call home.

    (Why do I feel so alone?)

    Walk out, inside this place,

    I call earth.

    (And I've regretted things, from birth)

    And as I'm moving on,

    I'll sing this song,

    With no regrets.

    My life is full of mistakes,

    Mistakes, I won't re-take.

    Please dont forget, me.


    'Cause I'm moving past, what I've done,

    And I'm passing by, what I've become.

    I'm coming down, I'll hit the ground,

    And moving on,

    When no ones around, we'll see the town,

    And I'll sing this song, yeah.

    With everything I seek,

    With every rhyme I speak.

    Please forgive me,

    I know it's not easy, to do this.


    I'll crash and burn,

    With every turn.

    My mind, is,

    Killing me all the time.

    I can't see who I'm being,

    When you're all I'm seeing, I,

    Wonder how it tastes,

    Knowing that, you and I erased.

    I'm sorry for what I did,

    That's something, I can't, re-live.


    Wash my hands,

    In the ocean's sands.

    Look what I've done,

    Look what I've become.

    The sun is shining on my shameful face,

    Why can't I erase,

    What I've done.

    The clouds are storming,

    No longer warming.

    Who I've become.

    Let me say that I'm done, with trying,

    Now I'm done, so I'll say my goodbyes, and,


    Crawl out of this,

    Place I call home.