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  1. ThroughCloudsIntoArms said:

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    If I could think, and block out the sound,
    I bet you i could feel the ground,
    My mind is on a run,
    My friends are in the sun, now.
    We stayed up past 4 a.m.,
    No idea of where we stand.
    The sun is rising, slowly.
    I called you all, without words to say,
    Come to your house? No, I think I'll stay.
    If i could be with my friends, if only.
    The sun will rise,
    Not a big surprise.
    We can live it up all day,
    We can say whatever we want to say.
    The ground is far,
    In the stars is where we are.
    We sit by the fires,
    Hearing stories from liars.
    Laugh, sing and smile,
    Too bad it only lasts a short while.
    We can do anything we put our minds to,
    We can do laugh at everything, that we knew.
    Staring at the stars, not caring where we are.
    Tick and the tock, of the grandfather clock.
    Passed out at 7 a.m.
    Not knowing where we went.
    Summer never stays, till the rainy days.
    Soaking up sun rays, at the bays.
    Sun rise, sun set,
    Our minds not even made yet.
    Let summer stay today,
    It can't be any other way.
    Summer never stays,
    Even when we love it in so many ways.
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    nork said:


    Your good, but rekon you could stagger your songs a little? feels like a bit of a domination of the forum
  3. ThroughCloudsIntoArms said:


    I wont be posting them quite as often now, i just had a lot of them i hadn't posted yet.