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  1. Mr. Mist said:

    Question Writing Songs

    I want to ask something. Sometimes when I write song it takes me maybe 10 to 20 minutes to write one and sometimes it takes me 2 or 3 days. Is it just me or does that happen to anyone else? I mean it is just that I have been keeping track of this site before I joined today and I saw all these high ranked members writing 5 to 10 songs everyday. Is it something you have to be you know kind of born with or does it just come in time?
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  2. nork's Avatar

    nork said:


    if your quite a musical person it will come in time, you just gotta find your style and things will start to flow, sometimes I can write a song in about 20 minutes and sometimes I play around with an idea for a few days. Im sure quite a lot of people on here have a bank of songs built up and just gradually post them, I doubt many people actually write 10 songs a day

    If your talking about writing music, like on the guitar etc. a good technique I use is to start with a simple jam, then stop in silence for a few bars and keep doing that untill you start to hear something in your brain to fill the gap, then start humming it, then the tricky part is to work out how to play it on the instrument, but the more you practise the faster you will get at doing this. Just repeat this process to keep building and building on a simple jam
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    Sewn Up said:


    Everything takes a bit of practice. However some people will come across as more inspired than others. I haven't written any new lyrics in a little while solely because I haven't had that type of inspiration since the last one I wrote. It all depends on the writer. I know at least with me, it tends to come and go in waves.
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  4. ThroughCloudsIntoArms said:


    With me, my lyrics take 5-10 minutes each. But when i write, I have enough inspiration to do it easily. But yeah, I agree with the others. People can do it better than others, or worse. People putting in more than 3 lyrics a day are probably just saving them up, then putting them all on at once. So, don't worry about what others think too much, just keep writing your lyrics, and be proud of them.
  5. SLIK said:


    At the age of eleven, A moved to this house, I couldn't believe the size of the place, Smaller than a mouse, From where a came from to where I am now, Millions upon millions of mindless rows, Intoxicate my brain even though it feels just the same, I love it like I do a football game. I hate this place, I wanna go home, I don't belong here, someone call my phone.

    In my birth place I had a future Shouldn't you be able to have a place that suits ya? Many years have past as well as tutors but no real steps forward to determine my future. Oh did I mention a real step back as I wanda helplessly on a crazy track. Ye this place is like a death trap without walls or doors just a sign to Hell and back.

    The Brain is a rope to Fame, It picks you up, spits you out, Then watches as your soul drains.

    To all those haters, Interegaters, Those sickening faggots, squatting on there little maggots, SLIK is here to tell you a little story, So listen and reminice, And find out what you all have missed.

    Bleedin from the head is like a sudden rush of dread, As you realise the pain, And contemplate just the same, But I didn't mean to be down, As I look all around, All I see is my frown, Incased in my head like a bucket full of sickening red.

    The last verse of this song goes a little like this, So watch my life flash before your eyes, Gaze on the speed as you recognize, The hunger the dispair, As you wait to repair.

    U see sometimes in this life you've gotta reminisce on the times that inspired your greatest rhymes and created the signs that led you to greatness and kept your saneness that's the reason in this season of sun and rain it helps me feel the pain in my veins and keeps the thoughts held way up in my brain

    Inspire me to wright this song, as we rap together and get along, even though you aint ment to be in this ****in song, I promise you, there aint nothing wrong, in writing a rap song

    Send a message to me as it backfires on you let me dadicate this verse to yours true, Babe you can be mine even when your pissed from drinkin to much whine we can be together just fine as long as we both sign on this red dotted line you will be

    Once your in
    your never out
    you know what its all about
    that's what you've gotta understand
    in this rap game
    your in it for life dont matter about the fame
    its like your on a permanent ounce of cocaine
    its all the same as you realise that what you once called home
    is now your very own rap zone.

    So follow me as we get ready to become
    the only one
    who ever gave a **** about you and your only son
    we dont just wanna run
    we wanna fly
    so far up to the ****in sky
    we end up sayin goodbye to your only son
    so then you realise your the only ****in one

    So follow me
    As i get ready to be
    The best rapper i can be
    So ruthlessly
    As i act as if im on the tele
    waitin for this record deal to tell me
    i made it
    im here
    so i can stop acting like im way up in the air

    So look at me as one, where together in this family, waiting for a smile or someone to wright down there feelings in this diary, as we sing to the sky rarely, because at the moment we can bearly speak to each other as a family, we can't understand quite why don't connect together, or gel together, it seems like an invisible barrear, keeping us apart, wright from the start, like a magnet, except were falling apart

    Look I'm not looking for the type of girl, who spins her whole head in a swirl, and wonders why her life is so ****ed up, as she waits to find out if she is knocked up so look were not spending yours where spending mine it could be a sign then to a regular yellow or would you rather face a fine when I sign the red dotted line.......its over where through, I should have never let you sue

    Life is like a world of opportunities, as we rhyme, we dont really understand what were saying half the time, we just say whatever comes into our head at the time, dont matter if its broken up or dead, it keeps our brain cells working in our head.

    I hear the clock ticken in my veins, its like a bullet to my brain, as it feels so insane, I understand that where going through a change just the same, I like but I dont love the pain, I dont know why we just cant get along, in this ****ing song, I aint done nothing wrong, ye I know you belong, we both belong, in this song, now lets just all make up and get along.

    It seems that the harder that I try to make things better for you and I, everything that I do just seems to backfire on me and you, and when where not together, I feel a sudden rush for us to be together, because I realise that everything is so much better, when were together, so I sing, me and you, you and I can fly, wright up to the sky, if we both just agree, to sing together in harmony.

    Say hello, I am here to watch the show, As my mam and dad scream at each other '****ing go' like they aint ever seen each other, its like the source of the pain, is a kane, tightly rapped around my chest, like a bullet proof vest, and I need to breakout, but it seems like the harder that I try, They all just walk away and don't even say goodbye, So they leave me in this ****in mess, as I sit and stress.............

    This is a song I am writing to you, to emphasize the pain I am feeling for you, As I walk out the door, I see you lying there on the kitchen floor, with a kitchen knife in your hand, But you can't even stand, To finish the job, You see the spotlight is on, And you know that I am the one.

    When you realise the stress, And hold on to the less, Unfortunate of us, Who are normally so just, It can only mean one thing, lust, The lust for life is such a beautiful thing, That the more fortunate of us, Sometimes take life for granted, Even though we try we just cannot comply, There's just these selfish mother****ers, who wish that they would all just burn and die

    How many people on this earth, Really know the true meaning of a child birth, As I spit out this verse, How many kids are gonna get ill or worse?


    SLIK i wrote most of this in 3 days