Help: 2000s MTV pop video decription only

Thread: Help: 2000s MTV pop video decription only

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  1. kimokebab said:

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    Really appreciate any help on this one.

    I saw this pop/alt rock video on MTV once, and it was from the 90s or 2000s era, but I don't have any info on it. I do not remember any of the lyrics, but the video was very specific:

    It was a guy at a house party (possibly in the woods--the mood was darkish/orangish) who was slowly walking through the house and through the crowds, while singing a song with a love theme about his girlfriend that left him. The tempo was in between slow sad love song and alt rock. I can't remember if the story evolved.

    That's all I remember. Hope it rings a bell!

  2. jp12345 said:


    Jimmy Eat World - The Middle comes to mind...
  3. kimokebab said:



    Thanks for your reply.

    Unfortunately it wasn't the one. But I can see why you suggested it, it fit well with the description.

    As a good note, I really really liked the song you suggested and am listening to it alot

    Thanks again
  4. Antanta123 said:
  5. kimokebab said:



    Thanks for your suggestion but it wasn't the right song. It did fit very well with the description however.

    Again, thanks for trying!