halo! (: I'm new here

Thread: halo! (: I'm new here

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    Cheerblondie231 said:

    Talking halo! (: I'm new here

    ha iv been trying to figure out how to post forever and i finally found it, thanks to Viva Palestina (: thank you!!!

    anyways, im from the USA and i know a little bit of german. i can reconize what you say to me it just takes me a second for me to speak back. But i would love to learn more than german.

    feel free to message me on here anytime i love to conversate. (:
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    Welcome to forum.
    Şehitler Ölmez,Vatan Bölünmez
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    thanks! (:
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    thanks! (:
    Blondie where are ye? Hiding behind the rap? We miss you, it was fun to have ye