90's smooth dance/trance style song video

Thread: 90's smooth dance/trance style song video

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    Default 90's smooth dance/trance style song video

    It drives me C_R_A_Z_Y already, but i just can't remember, what it was:

    The song/piece of music got 90's electronic beat, the style of 90's trance: smooth and flowing, .

    It has in the video: a boy and a girl.
    They fly with flying magic carpet allover the skies, and they are pointing at different sceneries, like mountains, sea etc.

    That is pretty much it. I can't even remember, if there was words in it, but the video was exactly, what i told you here.

    Maybe someone remembers?

    hey, and i found a similar post here in forums too, i think, he means the same song.
    Maybe his decription helps as well?
    here's the other thread: http://www.allthelyrics.com/forum/id...e-mid-90s.html

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