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  1. Originallines said:

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    Hello. I have written many songs, some of which are posted to an online journal, others are stored in notebooks. I would love to collab with somebody. I cannot sing, but would like to hear an alternative or rock sound being put to the songs I've come up with. If anyone has an interested, please post here or message me. Thanks!
  2. missyblu_378 said:


    I am very interested in maybe working with you. I am an aspiring "goth" vocalist looking for something like avril lavigne or evanescence maybe. I am interested in seeing some of your lyrics. Hit me up if you're still interested in a partnership. Either on here, or my email Thanks
  3. conormcewen said:


    Hey, email me some of your lyrics and Ill see what i can do
  4. runexe said:

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    We are a band currently looking for a lyricist to work on our tracks. Demos can be heard at the following link.
  5. Chris Atkins said:


    I write a lot of music, mainly in an alternative-rock vein, and would be very happy to try and compose for some of your lyrics, especially if you were able to do some lyrics for a few of the tunes I've already got.
    If you get back to me I'll get some up-to-date versions onto the web and send you a link.
  6. Originallines said:

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    The song I've written (or some of them) are on my live journal page: ... If you want anything else I'll provide it. I'm looking for an alternative style band to turn my lyrics into songs. If you can do this then definitely let me know. Thanks