Strange, strange love; owner of my dreams.
Why are you always taunting me?
Giddy giddy,
I'm such a silly little kid.
Falling fast, flying wingless
In the rush of the wind.
But I just really couldn't care.
My pride is dead and gone, my friend.
Such a scary situation
The world that's in my head.
I stepped back just to catch my breath when...

When I saw you for the first time.
When my stomach rose and fell.
When you cast your gaze upon me,
I felt Heaven, I felt Hell.
Your eyes were mesmerizing,
Nearly knocked me to the ground.
Your scent was so enticing,
And my heart began to pound.
It happened rather quickly,
Like an arrow through the chest.
My old self crumbled to the ground,
My thoughts were so perplexed.

Oh scary, strange love.
Oh stealer of my senses.
You've left me here with nothing.
You've left my heart defenseless.
I cannot speak. I cannot hear.
The sides are so unfair.
Your thousand arrows pierce me,
With my foot stuck in a snare.
"Your wish is my command, my friend,"
The head says to the heart.
Right then I knew
That I was doomed.
You're like a work of art.

Chorus Repeat

Now a thousand lights shine in my eyes,
Or am I really blind?
You're sick, you're strange, you're so deranged.
You remind me of my mind.