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    Mark S

    Default Pimsleur Romanian

    I have downloaded this but I wonder... is this incredibly formal Romanian? Does anyone actually say "Domnule" and "Domnisoara" in everyday speech?

    We certainly don't say "Sir" or "Miss" in English in normal speech though you would use Sir and Madam (not Miss) if you were a waiter, hotel receptionist or had some other roll in the service industry. To use these terms to someone you meet in a bar or a party or just in the street would be ridiculous.

    Thanks for your replies!


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    Hi Mark!
    Domnisoara/ domnule can be very formal but also used in everyday speech.

    Yes dominsoara/ domnule is used in formal speech. We used it for doctors : domnisoara doctor/ domnul doctor , and for other professions. We don't used it for waiters or hotel receptionists.
    We don't used for someone met in a bar , but there are people (especially male friends ) who use domnule when they meet . For ex : Ce faci domnule ? (How are you man?).
    There are also men that address to a woman with domanisoara / doamna.

    I hope you've understand.

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