Chris Smither – Paroles - Let It Go

Awww, man, they took my car, rode away in my ride,
I know attachment is the root of my suffering cuz it hurts me,
it hurts me deep inside.
the hole ain't in my pocket, it's in my pride.
I told the police it didn't matter, but I lied.
Now my mind tells me to kill 'em,
my heart tells me that's wrong, my wife tells me
"Go get a better one, it's what you wanted all along."
I got to find a way to let this go,
got to put this behind me,
let my better nature show up one time here, but...

Tsk...awww man, they took my car!
Left me without my wheels.
I know the loss is superficial, but that's not,
that's just not how it feels.
How can somethin' superficial feel so real?
It's an emotional blow, rocks me back on my heels.
You know I had a picture on the dashboard
of my baby in her sweet little Red Sox hat,
and now there's some litttle bum with a button in his
tongue who thinks he might like a piece of that.
How I'm s'posed to take that sittin' down?
I can't do it man, I got to get up,
I got to go walk around, get me some air...

Standin; outside here ...all right...this is better...
you know I'll be all right...I'll get out here...forget
about these things...these things are insignificant...
you know it's not worthy, a man of my stature,
to think about things like's all right...
OK, man I'm back where I belong....forget aaall about it...

Tsk tsk, man, but they took my car!
It's like it vanished in the air.
Three thousand pounds of wheels and
sounds that used to make folks,
used to make 'em stop and stare.
Now except for a little pile of glass the pavement's bare.
I keep lookin' 'round, it keeps not bein' there.
You know I should listened to my sensible self,
I shoulda parked it in a lot.
It woulda cost me $16.50 'stead of all the cool I got.
You know I got to reassert control,
All right, this is like water off a duck's back,
I'll just let it roll...

Got to let this go.
I don't know if I can do it, I'll try...
I'll let you know...Coulda, shoulda, woulda
how was I to know?
Nobody better say I told you so. All right, it's OK...
let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go...

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