Paroles - Abnegation

torture between these four walls
no images of the suffering
beyond your power to comprehend
this merciless mutilation
under the cloak of consumption
it supersedes apathy
destroyed by the addiction to comfort
we perpetuate the status quo
slavery once abolished
still exists without a voice
a billion voices screaming
sledging on your eardrums
a fundamental change of mentality
in our hollow pattern of consumption
demolish the walls of our selfcreated prison

[explanation] - both humans and animals are abused and even killed to fulfil our selfish, artificially created needs. the nowadays overruling apathy brings forth that the masses are not very likely to care about something that would disturb their easy, hollow lives. so, in order to change something and to stop the senseless abuse and killing, we have to make this the problem of an entire society instead one of a few caring movements and individuals. this song is written in the form of 'we', because we know we are not innocent. but we think that individual change can only be made progressively. you have to start somewhere. -

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