Paroles - Legacy Of Kings

Album: Legacy of Kings

Out in the fields
The full moon is rising
Enlightens the name of the shields
(Blessed with pride)
Steel on our side, we're horsemen of thunder
The ground starts to shake as we ride
(Side by side)

Stormbringer lead us into the unknown
On wings of glory we will carry on.

Legacy Of Kings (Legacy of Kings)
Forever to survive we're
Riding on the winds (Riding on the Wind)
Unchained and free, alive forever more

Deep in the night
We circle around them
The honor compels us to fight
(All for one)
All hewed with steel
In the toil of the battle
Our enemies fate will be revealed
(And be sealed)

The chill of the wind keeps on calling our names
There's no turning back now, keep hold of the flame

[Chorus x2]

Now we are here
And there is nothing left to fear
The secrets of steel
The path of glory will reveal


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