Paroles - Let The Hammer Fall

Album: Legacy of Kings

Silent screaming,
You're on your own
Balancing on a blade between
Whats right and what is wrong
Don't loose your faith, don't sit there in silence
show your strength, let's hail the metal gods, bare your heart

All for one, our burning hearts will live forever
One for all, together standing strong

Hammerfall, we will prevail
Hammerfall, let us hail
We share a dream, the future is ours
A metal heart is hard to tear apart, heed the call
A flash of light calls out the providers
We run this race, but we will never crawl, all hail Hammerfall

All for one...


Just follow your heart, don't listen to the crowd
The wisdom, the voice is calling from inside
The time long forgotten will soon come again
Prepare for the meeting, the gods of metal reign

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