Paroles - You're Taking My Breath Away

Album: Sweet Sixteen

there's a spell in the air
when you're around, oh
takes me everywhere
i can't keep my feet on the ground

since i'm losin' my control
i feel it in my body and soul
but it feels so.. good
the way you make me see
that it's clearly understood

there's a time for you and me
now i know i've realized
this is way too strong for me to hide..

you're taking my breath away
it keeps me awake night and day
i can't help feel this way
there's so much more to say
you're taking my breath away, oh yeah

if i gave you my heart
would you treat me like a queen ohh
or would you tear it apart
a place i've already been
i would like to get to know you
tell me that my instinct is true...

(Repeat Chorus)

everywhere i go and every smile i see
reminds me of you
i want to let you know the love i feel for you is true...
it's true

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