Women Of Faith – Paroles - Lord I Need You

Album: Total worship

Verse 1
Lord am here, to seek your face
bowing here in my secret place
so come right away and seal me
only you is what i need.
Lord i need you, oh i need you.
In my secret place i need you.
My one defense, my righteousness
oh God how i need you.
Verse 2

in Elohim, is my name
in the Logos i was expressed
In Adam was male and female,
also in Christ male and female.
And Adam was put in a deed sleep
and from his theophany was Eve made.
Even the bride today was extracted from Christs theophany at the Cross

Add to your faith virtue and knowledge
And to your knowledge add temperance and patience, and to your Goddliness and brotherly Kindness
then charity will cap it up

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