Call Time testo

Take your time 'till tomorrow,
take it every single time,
every single second that you borrow
beats against a heart like mine.
What you need to know?
Where you wanna go?
Don't you wanna do it now?
I can wait all day just to hear you say,
"Come on down and show me how."

Small time is time that really matters,
time won't make it any bigger.
Big-time plans are like
a pistol in your hand with a
long, slow pull on the trigger.
What you wanna do?
Think of somethin' new.
All we are is where we go,
we spin in this groove,
we believe we move and
no one says it isn't so.

time out is time in a bottle,
time out of mind is what you will.
How many times will we confess our crimes
before there's nothin' left but time to kill?
What you got to say?
Let's call it a day.
This is how your soul will move,
it feels the light,
it bears to the right,
it cain't got a thing to prove.
It ain't got a thing to prove.

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