Burning testo

a dead corpse lying on the road to evolution
its horrible past paving the way
to continue the oppression
tradition is its own warrant
by which right conduct is defined
burn some sacred houses down
we can no longer deny its useless
hatred is my oxygen
it will always keep my fire burning
burn so strong
uncage the virus
free to infect
a new generation of innocent minds
you will no longer be the slave of sin
trying hard to extinguish the fire
i know they will never succeed
trying hard to diminish the hate
now better than it has ever been
burn so strong

[explanation] - tradition is often used as a means to justify all kinds of modern evils. "something that exists that long already, can not be a bad thing." wrong! organized religion, imperialistic oppression, capitalist exploitation all exist for over a hundred years. this fact is an argument that speaks in favour of its abolition or its downfall, rather than one for its preservation. we live in another age now and time has taught us that these traditions have only caused death, ain and misery throughout the years. nowadays, some of these traditions seem to be crumbling, at least in our western civilization. of course catholicism is the best example. the catholic church is doing all it can to maintain its status of power and wealth. our hate towards it is our defence against submission. -

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