Dimension testo

there's no solution
a new dimension awaiting discovery
it scares me more than deafening screams
'cause their attraction did not penetrate to me
this unreliable forecast is threatening me
the unconcealed menace
the depression i once feared
a clouded mind
suffering senses
the unbearable pressure
is driving me to the edge of devotion
closer to acception
but i am willing to contribute
if it brings us one step closer
to a final solution
that will make the clouds let through
... the sun

[explanation] - at some point in our lives, we feel like we are going to sink to the depths of despair. this happens when we find ourselves in a position in which it is very difficult to act according to the values we think are important. the way we live our lives is very often misunderstood or not understood at all. when this occurs a lot, a normal reaction is to retire to the safe cocoon our hc-scene is, rather than to stand up for our ideals. "dimension" deals with this feeling. it is not a song about straight edge, it's a song about every lifestyle that differs from the standards that are set by the mainstream. it's also a song of hope. hope that a solution will be found in the near future for all things that seem prospectless now. -

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