Trampled Underfoot testo

Album: Physical Graffiti

Greasy slicked down body, groovy leather trim
I like the way you hold the road, mama, it ain't no sin
Talkin' 'bout love (X3)
Trouble-free transmission, helps your oil's flow
Mama, let me pump your gas, mama, let me do it all
Talkin' 'bout love (X3)
Dig that heavy metal underneath your hood
Baby, I could work all night, believe I've got the perfect tools
Talkin' 'bout love (X3)
A model built for comfort, really built with style
Specialist tradition, mama, let me feast my eyes
Talkin' 'bout love (X3)
Factory air-conditioned, heat begins to rise
Guaranteed to run for hours, mama it's a perfect size
Talkin' 'bout love (X3)
Groovin' on the freeway, gauge is on the red
Gun down on my gasoline, I believe I'm gonna crack a head.
Talkin' 'bout love (X3)
I can't stop talkin' about...
Come to me for service every hundred miles
Baby, let me check your points, fix your overdrive
Talkin' 'bout love (X3)
Fully automatic, comes in any size
Makes me wonder what I did, before we synchronized
Talkin' 'bout love (X3)
Feather-light suspension, Konis couldn't hold
I'm so glad I took a look inside your showroom doors
Talkin' 'bout love (X3)
Oh, I can't stop talkin' about love.

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