The Emasculated Man And The City That Swallowed Him testo

I think I really like this city
It's got everything I need
Big tall buildings that I can hide beneath
Mom, I know you've got your worries
Dad, I know you've got your doubts
But I think I've finally got my whole life figured out.

Now that we're all aboard
And our plans have been set in motion
I'll be unsinkable
I'll be riding on top of the ocean.
Never mind those signs that say
"We're gonna hve to pay for this someday."

Hear it said that love is all you need
And you know, I'd love to believe that
Because if it ain't true, then Lennon lied to me.
But I think I loved him for it
Because it's the best philosophy
He might have known something
That I don't know

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