We Change Lives testo

I've been asleep for days
And your love compelled my heart to wake
Now life is so full and sweet
You're my doll, and you make my life complete

So we'll do everything right
And tuck the kids in at night
We'll be happy 'til we die.

All that we need we'll have
All the luxuries, the treasures, all the pleasures and the fads
We'll surely fit into the plan
With a cheap gold ring, and a cheap gold band

And the money is safe in the bank
With the cars in the driveway, the bills are all paid
The kids off to colleges (they grow up so fast)
But love always lasts

On my death bed
You're beside me
Like it should be at the end of my journey
Heaven oustretched
Its perfect arms to me
Earth beneath me and time behind me
Heaven outstretched
Its perfect arms to me
hell below me
And angels singing "Hallelujah"

'Oh, come back to me...'

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