Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History testo

I wanted to say
That I had a dead man
On my back yesterday
But I cut him loose

Because there's so much at stake
When you try to live life half awake
I made my mistakes
I cut him loose

And I'm trying to hold on to hope.

I happened upon
A girl with a love
Too big for her heart
So she rented it out
To the boys who needed her quick

Then when she was old she thought
That she felt death in her soul
Her heart had grown cold
From all the nights that it spent alone

Trying to hold on to hope

That this wouldn't be
Quite what she needs
She felt so alive
Under the sheets
But I won't condemn you
You know I won't judge you
I won't condemn you, love.

We're gonna make some good of this.

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