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    Talking Hayki & Yas - Nolur Evet De (English lyrics needed)

    Hi, Can someone translate this in English please? Thank you in advance.

    askim minik kraliçem seni çok seviyorum
    - bende
    - benimle benimle benimle evlenirmisin
    - höö ne diyosun sen lan ohaaa hayir olamaz asla
    - neden?
    - içip içip döversin
    - yuh kizim ben alkol kullanmamki döversemde adam degilim
    - inanamamki hayki
    - yalancimiyim ben sanki
    - lan sen kahveden çikmazsin
    - okey tavla bilmem ögrenirsem senle oynarim
    - yok aman dur orda kalsin kumarda vardir simdi sende
    - asla korkma benim çokta param yok zaten alt? üstü derdim saadet
    - olmaz askim biraz sabret ben bu yasta biraz taze sayilirim
    - gelir bende kapinin önüne aniririm
    - hayvan sarap içer pis kokarsin tipindende belli zaten sen bi piskopatsin
    - tamam kabul var birazcik amma ellerinde uslanirim damlam yarin senide istetirim ananmla git konus babanla
    - aman basim belada delimisin sen oglum öldürürler hemde ben zaten özgürüm ben hiç biseyden anlamamki; çamasir bulasik elim ayagama dolasir
    - korkma bebegim elime her bi is yakisir hem dikis takista biliyorum sana bisi birakmam
    - hayir kurufasülye pilavi yaptirip yanina sogani kiriyim dersen elimin tersini yersin suradinla merse dönersin ben mersin kiziyim bak abi git basimdan yaa
    - aaah yeter ulan evleneceksin benimle yarim kalmadi halim kalbim yanliz sana talip bana bakip durma çarparim agzinin ortasina
    - ühüüü simdiden basladi yaa
    - affet bebegim kendimi kaybettim bendeki siddet dilden gelir ama elimden gelmez
    - hi tabi tabi o zaman isteklerimi sayiyorum yatlar katlar beetler feetler mychkler mixer
    - lan simdi bu kiz benden klip isterse
    - isterim tabiki serseem
    - o zaman çekelim dersem kabul edermisin söyle bana evet mi hayir mi
    eee hayir
    - hayir
    - hayir
    - hayir

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    My love, my petite queen, I love you much
    - Me, too
    - Will you, will you, will you marry me? (Literally: "Will you marry me, me, me?")
    - Huuuh? What are you saying? Hooo! Never, this cannot be! ("ho!" in English is a command given a horse to stop, expressing deep astonishment)
    - Why?
    - You'll drink and drink and beat me up
    - Whoa, girl! I don't even do alcohol, and if I hit, I were no man!
    - I won't believe, Hayki
    - As if I were a liar
    - Dude, you won't be getting out of the pub!
    - I don't know how to play okey or backgammon, if I should learn it, I'll play with you
    - No, hell no, let it be. Bet you are gambling, too.
    - Never, don't you fear, I do not even have that much money. My problem is with luck, anyways.
    - No, my darling, be a little patient. I am considered a bit fresh with this age.
    - So, I will come to your door and bray
    - You pig, you'd drink wine and smell nasty. It's obvious from your appearance, alright. You're a psychopath.
    - Okay, agreed, a little bit. But in your hands, I'll ameliorate, my drop. And I'll have my mother ask you for me, go talk to your father.*
    - Oh dear, I got problems, are you crazy, dude, they'll kill [us/you], and actually I am free, I don't understand about anything; laundry, dishes, I'll be all thumbs!
    - Don't be afraid, baby. My hands fit to every work. I even know about sewing and that lot, I won't leave anything up to you.
    - Yet, if you say, I'll have you cook beans with rice and just cut the onions for you, you'll get to know the backside of my hand, your face will turn about. I'm a girl from Mersin, bro look. Leave me, man!
    - Aaah, enough dude! You'll be marrying me, I have no lover anymore, my situation and heart is alone. I apply to you. Stop looking around like that, I'll be beating you up your mouth.
    - Weee, already started, man...
    - Forgive me, baby, I lost myself. This vehemence of mine comes from my tongue, but not from my hand.
    - Yeah, suuure. Well, I'll tell you my wishes, then: yachts, floors, *some English-worded things I don't get*, blender
    - Dude, that girl will require a video now, too.
    - Of course I will, you idiooot.
    - Well, if I say, let's make a video, tell me, yes or no?
    - Uh, uh, no.
    - Say, yes or no?
    - No

    *: In Turkey, traditionally the man's family visits the girl's family and requires their daughter "with God's demand and the Prophet's ask" for their son.
    If the father gives consent (traditionally with the sentence "Verdim gitti" (= I give, it's gone!)), then nothing stands in between the two lovers to marry.
    And mostly, Turkish mocha is served to the guests, and the girl pours salt instead of sugar into the future bridegroom's mocha. It is said, that thus, the man starts on the path of female sufferings.
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    OMG LOOOOL THANK YOU SO MUCH.......THank you for all the explanations haha...this song is so funny

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