DoubleAA I'm charged up
Nobody can't stop us
How come all these rappers wanna start sum
But not get what they came fu
I say stuff I post up
Hater girls talk too much
They talk that
I snap back
Yes they call me the queen
Yes I am vip
Yes I am so flossy
Flick of that wrist be so neat
I am the teacher you get teach
So you can learn how to rap properly
How yalll say ya'll wanna rap
But yall stuck on this forum crap
Wanna get somewhere
Wanna be out there
But yall not doing nothing fo yall self
Save up some money go to the studio
Because I kno some of yall have them nice flows
Wow I know I'm only 14
But that's not gon stop yall from listenin to me
My daddy always told me do what you gotta do
If you wanna be on top you gotta prove
And you gotta have the skills and improve
Do what you gotta do
(I don't kno what I just wrote, but I am bored soooo...)