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    Default Rap Battles of 2017

    1. keep it clean no personal stuff
    2. make sure your able to dis first
    3. know yourself and don't choke
    4. ten minutes to respond
    5. have fun make new friends

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    I'll start, walk into Walmart rhymes flowing out like art, then all of the sudden I've got a brain fart, so I walked with a shopping cart, looked what they had to eat, got myself back up on my feet, the manager was so kind and sweet.

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    "Manager was so kind and sweet"
    Take that back; she said "that line was weak"
    "brain fart"? That ain't art, skip to the main part:
    the "most-art" you had was what your "sun'-t-zu"
    this is art of war, not painting rainbow and sun'du.
    son your scripted, flipped it quick like Miyagi
    Eve_B, believe me, you'll disappear quicker than Haji's
    "Mozart" most-ya-'art'; protect ya neck like 36 chambers
    no art, dope 'flow' rows out like bloodshed through sabres.
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    Imma just drop a few bars
    Common sense copped the car
    Your not hot as **** hommie ya luke warm
    I do harm like razor blades cutting through arms
    Death is inevitable and you just took it to far
    I got the juice scar
    No oj i kill a ***** and get sad no cold play
    Stuff killer in a zigzag and just blaze
    Ok now im bout to rage
    Im zombie walking round from the shallowest grave
    The outcome is rage
    Mixing valumes with cain
    Your *** without lube will get raped
    Switchblades dont switch game
    I been this way since 5th grade
    Fourty 5th aim an them tips race
    This a sick game
    If you scared go to church
    Only way to get saved

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