I wonder if somebody could help me to checkout out the lyrics I wrote for an original song.
Mostly Im concerned about if it is "correct" english or if I use some sentence in the wrong way.

Summer is over today
Tomorrow will be rain
I wonder why you don't play
I see you feel the pain

You know it's only a game
Dont feel no shame
If I ruled the world and got a couple of wings
Maybe I could fly

There is a shadow always
It follows all my steps
I think I'll find it some day
Will put it in my veins

I think you look the same
You never change
Look I found a time machine let's take a trip
Maybe till the sky

For every step you go back
You gonna be more young
You didn't know at those days
That you could lend some lung

The gate has yet not closed
Let's get inside
If I owned a magic wand I would take you back
Only for a while

If I told you I can fly tonight
Would you like to spend some time in paradise
Hidden in the clouds over the rainbow

Turn around and put your hand in mine
Looking deeply into your eyes it's paradise
Flying through the sky
You don't need to be afraid you won't fall that's paradise