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    Default Kohls Commercial Song

    What's the song in the newest Kohls commercial it's something about "hold me a little bit tighter baby"?, It's sung by a girl
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    Try some of the youtube video's

    It said something about Ben Lee, I dont get to watch much tv, too many kids and haven't seen the commercial!

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    Smile It's called "Tighter, Tighter" by "Alive 'N Kickin"

    This was a one hit wonder tune about 1970 or so, but was written by Tommy James (of the Shondells.) Tommy James and the Shondells had several hits like "Crystal Blue Persuasion", "Draggin' the Line", "Crimson and Clover" and several others, but I think this song was more popular than any that he himself ever recorded. "Mony, Mony" that was a rocker covered later by Billy Idol was also a Tommy James song.

    Tighter, tighter was one of my favorite songs (AM radio days) as a teenager.

    BTW, my daughter appears in this Kohl's commercial in 3 spot: she's the girl flopping backwards on the bed, walking on the right of 3 girls with the purple purse, and the one smiling and pointing at the camera at end of the commercial.

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    Good ol' song. Good find. Welcome to the forum peacefulruler, Rockmyboy, and musiclover00.

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    Default Here's the full song info on another site...

    It says the singer is Holly Conlan....

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