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    Talking All The Songs To Lb Seasons 1/2

    This link titles all the episodes, and what songs were featured in the episodes.
    It is only for Season 1 and 2 of Laguna Beach: The Real OC.

    *Does anyone know the song for the trailer of Season 3. It starts 2 minutes and 25 second into the song and is the last song played in the trailer. The lines include "I never knew it could be so easy... I'm ready for a change today.... "

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    Default laguna beach season one

    I was wondering if anyone know the song in the season one, the third episode when stephen dance with the model at the party?

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    Quote Originally Posted by britw
    Does Anybody Know The Song Plaed In Season One Of Laguna Beach, Where Kristen And Stephen Go Out For Dinner After Stephen Comes Home From The Fashion Show....i Think The Song Kinda Goes Like .."cuz You And I Falll Down".. Or Something Lol Ifff Anybody Knows Pppplease Get Back To Me

    the song is: YOU AND I BOTH by JASON MRAZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeepDude07
    Does any one kno what the songs name is when lauren and steven are saying goodbye in the end of the season i think its by maroon five

    It goes:
    Im watching you little ...
    if you're sure its by maroon 5, the song is: SECRET

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    does anyone know what this song is called?

    its like towards then end of the last episode in season 2 or something when everyones leaving

    i can't remember the lyrics, but i remember one line

    "and this is the end"


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    Thumbs up Music from the show!


    Im new at this but im a big fan of the show.

    I have alot of music from the show,
    i dont know when it was on i mean in which episode but,

    you can ask me and ill write all the names of the songs that i have from the show....


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    Quote Originally Posted by superstar69lol
    Does anyone know the songs from SEason 2Episode 14 when they're graduating where the song goes something like this "where do we begin at the beginning of the end..."
    i know a song from the first season when they graduate.

    it called - Vitamin C - Graduation Song

    but again.. it from Season 1


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    Quote Originally Posted by BettyWithaTan
    Hey everyone,
    There is a song that plays on the beginning of Season 2 where all of the seniors from the year before are coming back from college...and one of the lines is "Coming home to California...."

    Any idea who sings this?

    if you mean the song when trey wake up

    and stephen wake up from bed with white sheets.

    and its an slow song... i think its-"Maroon 5 - Secret.

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    Cool Who knows this song? will be king of gussing

    Ok so listen guys,
    thers a song from season 2 i think when LC,Jen Stephen And Dieter are going to mexico to celebrate lc's birthday..

    and then they go out in the evening to a club and there is a song in spanish and stephen are near LC and start to move from side to side.. and doing funny faces.

    it goes somthing like: wha hiba... emora do yo playa.. hehe

    its short

    but guys plz try to remember the episode- Lc is driving and stephen is siting right next to her. and jen and dieter are on the back seat...

    let me know!


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    Quote Originally Posted by kristian johansson
    Hi!!! I need some help!!!!

    I wanna know the song from episode "graduation day",,when steven, trey,polster and derek are skating,,just before the graduation..
    it calld - Vitamin C - Graduation Song


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    Smile Laguna Beach Season 3 Song!


    I need help finding out what this song is called. It's played in Laguna beach season 3 episode 6, when tyler asks Kyndra back out. The lyrics go something like " I was almost out the door, then you tried to give me more..." then later on it says "I'm the only one standing here, i'm the only one who really cares, i'll say it now, you were supposed to save me" if anyone knows this song please let me know what its called i looooove it!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by gigglesalot
    Hey i really really need your guys help!! I am trying to find a version of the Jenifer Mclaren song Today is gonna be different that i can download and i cant find one!?! if someone has it will you tell me where you got it or if you can paste it or something? that would be really awsome thanks

    I Finally Found this Song so if anyone is looking for it, it is at Limewire

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    Default here

    Quote Originally Posted by blaahh
    "Be that girl that you forget about"
    its called BE THE GIRL by ASLYN

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    Default laguna beach season 2

    hey does anyone know the song being played in laguna beach season 2 when lc and jason go to his grandparents house and are getting in the jacuzzi?

    it goes something like:

    i never thought that id be happy again
    i never thought that i could do this again
    but i guess was wrong cause blah blah i love you...

    please tell me if you know! im going crazy

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    Default desperate

    Hey guys im in desperate need of these 2 songs ive heard on Laguna Beach Season 2. The first one is in the beginning episode of "boys are like purses" when Stephen and Dieter go to the beach to surf, i dont know most of the lyrics, but its rock and it goes something like "ill tell you, ill tell you..."

    The second song which is driving me nuts is in the episode "The end of the beginning", when Jason picks up LC to go to his grandfathers house, and this song is playing, im guessing the words go like "when i see you waking, god its a feeling i miss most"...


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    Default i need a song

    Does somebody know what is the song that plays when Steven is with a blond girls at her new house and they are walking outside? I heard the singer saying '' 15 days '' in the middle of the song. It's a smooth song and the guy has a high pitched voice. Pleaseeee I want to know the name of the singer or the song or both!! tx

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    Exclamation help with this song!!!

    hi can any 1 tell me the name of the song that is played in eppisode 3 of season 2 when steven and L.C are in cabo its near the end of the eppisode. i dont no the whole lyrics but its got the line "whats come over me"
    its been realy bugging me for a while so can ne1 help plz

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    Smile Laguna Beach Season 3 song??

    Does anyone know the song from Laguna Beach Season 3, episode Kiss and Don't Tell.. the lyrics say "I'm getting to know a little about you. You look in the mirror a little big too much." I've been searching forever!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boogyboarder116
    hey, does anyone know the song in season 1 where kristin is dancing on the bar in cabo? it says something like, "i'm gonna get, get, get, get ,get it ____..." it's been bugging me for weeks so if anyone could help i would really appreciate it. thanks!

    I think the song you are thinking of might be "Get it poppin" by Fat Joe feat. Nelly. However, this song was played in the "Winter Formal" espisode in season 2.

    ***Also to everybody else on this forum -- i have been getting a lot of email posts from a lot of people wanting to know Laguna Beach songs. I don't usually go on this forum anymore. So if you want to ask me a question, just email me directly at and if i know the song and have some time i will try to reply. Also, i have not been keeping up to date with season 3 so only ask me about songs from season 1 and 2...thanks.***
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    Smile laguna beach season 3 episode 9

    i really want to know the song from last nights episode when tessa is leaving her house for a date with derek. it is amazing!

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