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    Default Sofi Marinova i Slavi Trifonov - Edinstveni

    Is there any way you could translate this into english. I have currently met someone and he's slowly teaching me some Bulgarian and showing me the amazing music, but I'd love to know more of what they are saying. Also is there anywhere I can look or go to start learning to speak Bulgarian?? It's a really neat language

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    There you go and congrats of starting to learn bulgarian! The language is in top 10 of the most difficult in the world sooo good luck hehe : )

    There u go the lyrics in latin words and translation:

    Slavi Trifonov - Edinstveni (feat Sofi Marinova)

    Shte te gledam dokato ochite izgoryat,
    Iíll watch you until my eyes burn out
    Shte se molq da namerya pat prez nishtoto
    Iíll pray to find a way through the emptiness
    I shte chakam dazhdovete da te zalichat
    and Iíll wait the rains to wash you away ( the memories )
    Kato prelisten mig.
    like a past moment

    Za otminali vuprosi otgovor ne shta
    I donít want an answer to past questions
    Za kakvo da znam,
    why should I know-
    Da me boli ne stiga li
    to feel pain, isnít it enough
    Mozhe nyakoi dryg zhivot za nas da se rodi
    an other life may be created for us
    Ala prechisteni
    but purified

    Shte se lazhesh che celuva po-dobre ot men,
    you will be lying to yourself that he kisses better than me
    Shte te gali s moite ratse, edinstveni
    he will caress you with my hands, one of a kind
    I shte chakash nqkoi spomen da ti donese
    and you will be waiting (for him) to bring a memory to you
    I te pogubeni!!!
    destroyed as well

    Pripev (Chorus)

    Na sulzite tvoi veche az oburnah grub
    I turned my back on your tears already
    I tursi me v hilyadi o4i izmameni
    look for me in a thousand deceived eyes
    A kogato te nameri sledvashta liubov
    and when a next love finds you
    Ti razkazhi za men
    you tell about me

    Razkazhi i za vulshebnite ni svetove
    tell her about our magical worlds
    Narisuvani edin za drug ot ustnite
    drawn for us by the lips
    Razkazhi kak zaspivashe kato dete
    tell how you fell asleep in my arms like a child
    S men v litse v litse
    face to face with me

    Pripev x3

    Death takes the good, too good to stay.. And leaves the bad, too bad to take away.. ;(

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    Wow it is really an amazing song! Ty soo much and yes I am learning that Bulgarian is omg insane to learn. Im picking up how to say stuff easily but how to read it and understand whats being said is a compltely diffrent

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