Conversation Between Tania15 and amaryn

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    amaryn said:
    mmmm- where is SHE, I wonder???????
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    amaryn said:
    Yes, german, french, dutch and finnish I love writing in different tongues, you know, Holland is so small: we had to learn other languages...
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    Tania15 said:
    Oh! That's really amazing! Congratulations! Do you write in other languages (besides english)?
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    amaryn said:
    A few of those guys were here during the celebration of the third season, started on april 2. Had a great night performing there!
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    Tania15 said:
    Awesome! What do you mean it was connected to Game of Thrones? (Game of Thrones is such a good TV show,isn't it? I really like. )
    How's Rome? I think it's wonderful!
    I've been good,writing and stuff. I've been very busy with school . Nothing much...
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    amaryn said:
    Fine, Tania. Just two weeks in Roma, and now home again. Did a nice gig connected with Game of Thrones (TV) and now preparing for summertime.
    Writing a lot and studying Italian, Russian and starting Farsi again soon. How about you?
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    Tania15 said:
    Hiii! How have you been?
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    amaryn said:
    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Tania. Baccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk again baby!
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    Tania15 said:
    I know! Aren't they pretty? Flowers calm me down. How are you? We haven't talked in a while.
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    amaryn said:
    What a lovely bunch of flowers