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    Thumbs up Unknown **Dutch song (w/Sample) (RESOLVED!)

    So I've had this sample kicking around in the back of my hard drive for a few years because I couldn't find the name of this song via Google -then- and i still can't to this day.. So one day when rummaging through my nostalgia I came across this poor neglected sample.

    the lyrics are in English but the radio host speaks German. I have no idea if he says anything about the song near the end..

    Anyone know who made it/where it's from/Whaaa..?

    It's probably quite obscure and I don't expect to ever find out, to be honest..

    as a side note, I don't know how long that link will keep, I've never used the file host . (someone else on this forum was using it.. so...)

    also, the sample is reeeally quiet, sorry, it's the only sample i have..

    Good Luck!
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    Hi Partack
    it must be a radio station from the Netherlands. The speaker speaks dutch.

    He says the title right of the beginning when he speaks its something like "we are the river " by F+ck the writer ?????
    Later on he says that the next song is Dirt by alice in chains.

    So you must listen to his first words, these are about the song.

    Maybe someone else can find out more.

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    F*ck the Writer - The River

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    D*MN! You guys are GOOD! >.> I expected maybe a translation, but a translation, title, an author AND a link to its music video.. Seriously, i love this forum now! ^__^ Many kudos!

    As a side note, forgive my ignorance and automatically thinking the DJ was speaking German, the two sound very similar =)

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