Hi, i've been searching for years now for a song that i had on a mixed tape of mine, i've used google but never get any positive results. I'm looking for the name of the song or the group, if anyone knows these lyrics please let me know...goes like this:

I'm feelin you, and i hope you're feelin me,
cause in actuality, be my destiny

Piece of the verse:

I met her uptown the next day, she was (hey) lookin fine and i said:
it's destiny,
i dont really know why but i know she's best for me,
Girl you're my dream come true, you made my heart burn when i first seen you,
and that's why, i can't let you pass by,
cause i know, that it never hurt to try,
and i would, treat you like a real man should,
you and me together, it's all good,
It's gonna be, me takin you places you wanna see...
take my hand and come with me [chorus]

thanks for any help.