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  1. Korcare19 said:

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    Could someone please translate this quote from Eng to Arabic

    "A flower nipped in the bud, it was from paradise and it went to paradise...but has left its fragrance in my mind"

    I need proper grammar/context please
    thank in advanceee
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  2. Ulysses.Rap's Avatar

    Ulysses.Rap said:


    It's a beautiful quote, but I'm curious about why you want a tattoo of non-Arabic poetry translated into Arabic. Is there a story behind the quote? Poetry is almost always best in its original language (just something to consider - tattoos tend to last a while!).
  3. Korcare19 said:


    The original language is actually Arabic. The quote is by Imam Ali (A.S),it is an Islamic quote. I can find the english version of it easily but am looking for the original/arabic quote. Its been nearly impossible to find so i figured i would ask someone to at least translate it
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    Hazar-rox said:


    زهرة وأدت في مهدها، كانت من الجنة، و ذهبت الى الجنة لكنها تركت العطر في ذهني