Hello ATL nation. I'm new here, and want to find someone to collab with. This seems like a fun site, though, so I shall stay

I am an aspiring hip-hop artist that would like to find someone who makes beats similar to my style of writing. My style is poetical, very poetical. I don't prefer any sort of style of beat as long as it's not gangster beats (I don't think it sounds good with my lyrics haha.) Maybe something with some acoustic guitar, piano, a bluesy sound. I don't really care how it sounds like as long as it sounds good, and as long as you love it / feel it.

I write from my heart and soul and I write about life. I have new material almost every day and have ideas all through-out of every day. Currently, I'm working on my own self Mixtape named "Road Block" I'm using a bunch of beats from a website that lets you record over their beats.

I would really like to have a beat maker that would like to have a good experience with a nicep erson just hoping to make it in the hip-hop business. A beat maker that has many different perspectives on life itself and questions them daily. I guess, I'm looking for a crazy person to be my beat maker anyone with heart.

Here is a sample of my writing from a piece called "PoW"

"He's having trouble grasping reality in his shadow-casting mentality
He feels like he's trapping insanity in all of his collapsing vanity
Feeling crotchety, pacing anxiously, waiting for his plastering apathy
Tries to kiss death with a hug goodbye from all of his encased calamidy
Would have been a tragedy watching him leap, bypassing agony
Honestly he forgets his family helps him escape from his fantasy
He constantly watches me makes sure I'm passing cautiously
If I stray off his path he screams until the shards rub off of me"

Let me know what you think. Email me at Ayso@gmx.com, PM me on here. I'll be sure to check both. Thanks for readin'