Thread: _SBU vs Deleterious : FINISHED AND OPEN FOR VOTES

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  1. _SBU said:

    Default _SBU vs Deleterious : FINISHED AND OPEN FOR VOTES

    first to to five votes wins/unless its 3-0 then that's a win as well
    Voter must explain vote in a coherent fashion to remove biased voting
    ROUND 1

    Quote Originally Posted by Deleterious View Post

    I dismiss grave wounds
    Like sbu's weak tunes
    You're like a bunch of crazed loons
    Tryin to release tracks called space runes
    If you call you're stuff rap then you're rap is abbreviated
    I lift way above as if everything was alleviated

    When you make you're verse you better not make it a bad one
    You're better off shooting yourself with you're own handgun
    You're rap is outdone
    Time for a new champ cuz i think we need one

    ROUND 1

    Quote Originally Posted by _SBU View Post
    fam.. you rap bland patterns to a bad standard.
    ..not de-tailed, but cat you lack balance.
    it's backwards if 'Dels Wons' said once, no protests;
    he's quick on a slippery slope down so go 'snoW sleD'.
    I won't flip his text, or even read what he said.
    yeah 'Del' is backward.. he's easily 'leD'.
    he's only ever dreamt of schemes as deft as these so envies me.
    Del's shine's minor. L.E.D.
    he's gunned down with just one round, I'm a sharpshooter.
    if he claims his steez are deep, I'll harpoon them.
  2. _SBU said:


    ROUND 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Deleterious View Post
    I'm here battling a 'unicorn' not real but I'll beat you in my uniform
    You're watchin 'my little pony' for names
    Start digging cuz this game is you're grave
    A 'D1ck sp1tter' you're wits 'pissed'
    A loose aim cuz you're 'L.E.D's missed'
    I envies what raps are not 'technical' a strait up 'diss'

    Like led my poison kill 'geeks'
    Your first up to speak you can't rap for real i leave you in 'sh1t's creek'
    You're voice compared is 'extremely weak'

    ROUND 2

    Quote Originally Posted by _SBU View Post
    now he quickly admits defeat..
    seeking pity and sympathy..
    you're on some weak rap, I don't mean to seem mad though.
    your shine's not bright.. so no you didn't beat shaadow.
    you asked for my approval. you really think I'd like those moves?
    Deleterious: when 'De-letter'ed he's left as 'i owe u's.
    Del isn't sick, he's in a delirious state.
    take his basic round and break it down. he deteriorates.
    his crass rap patterns are jam-packed with fallacies.
    rookie.. you're even more p*ssy than my phallus sees.
  3. _SBU said:
  4. smoothtung's Avatar

    smoothtung said:


    Sb takes the win. Just on a different level of creativity and style than del. Both verses were stronger than any one of his
    Not a bad try tho del