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    Ghaly said:

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    Hello, people!

    Well, recently I have been attempting to learn how to play on the darbuka (a.k.a. Doumbek, Darbuqqa, Taramboula, Darabuqqa, Hand Drum, etc.).

    So I found some sites with the basic beats in oriental music.
    But there is one lack: It's the Khaliji music's beats!
    And, as I am into Khaliji since last year, it would be quite a pleasure to know, what the Khaliji rhythms and beats are like!

    And, if there are other drummers around here, you could actually exchange knowledge and talk about different songs and dispute, how to play their beats on your own darbuka - or how you might call it


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    Tahira said:


    Here is also 1 site for darboukka beats. And strange, Khaleegy is missing.... but I keep on searching for you

    Khaleegy sometimes is also called saudi, there is such a rhythm, so try also searching with "saudi"


    Here is a rhythm pattern - scroll down:
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    Ghaly said:


    Thanks! I know that German site, it is quite awesome!

    However, I wondered: Most of the rhythm patterns in Khaleeji songs are veeeery irregular - or so it seems. A big drum contest sounding reaaaally hard to understand. Of course, there is a lot of improvisation in there... But it's like "Whoa, this is so awesome."
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  4. Omeish said:



    The reason why the rhythm patterns within khaleeji songs sounds very irregular is because it's polyrhythmic. Khaleeji music has very strong African influences which is invoking polyrhythms. Here is an amazing article that focuses on the African influence as well as brushes on the Indian influence within khaleeji music: http://www.afropop.org/multi/feature/ID/692
  5. mkeberlein said:


    If anyone is still interested in learning khaleeji rhythms I would be happy to share what I have learned over the past 7-8 years from Souhail Kaspar, Nasar Musa, Faisal Zedan, Rachid Halihal and others. There are at least four or five rhythms that are distinct for the region and Omeish is exactly right about the African and Indian influences. These rhythms are really fun to play

    For example, here is the rhythm usually referred to as Sowt or Sout ("voice"):

    Eight beat rhythm with this basic skeleton
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    D- -- -- T- -- D- -- T-

    and the first half is often ornamented as malfouf:

    D- -T -- T- -- D- -- T-

    notice how similar this is to the Egyptian chiftetelli usually called waHida w nuss:

    D- -T -- T- D- -- T- --

    with the difference being the delay in the second half

    There are, I recall about three examples of this rhythm on the CD by Souhail and Nasar called "khalif - songs of love and passion from the arabian Gulf"

    If anyone is interested we can discuss the other rhythms that I use in my khaleeji songs:
    3adanii versus rhumba
    khaliji (saudi malfouf)

    Different musicians know these rhythms by different names, but in any event they are fun to play and it is fascinating for me to study
    the music and the dialect of this region.
  6. Linooyis said:

    Default Drum beats

    I really enjoy the weekly drum beats. I was wondering if there is a way to print them out, 6 to a sheet. Maybe grouped by difficulty or by ganre.