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    Smile Тони Стораро - Ако една звезда си / Toni Storaro - Ako edna zvezda si

    I love it! Enjoy!

    Проклинах си живота,
    I cursed my life
    вървях назад, а не напред..
    I walked back and not forward ..
    И падах от високо,
    And I falling from height,
    но не преставах да търся теб..
    but I kept looking for you ..
    Сега пред мене ти стоиш..
    Now you stand in front of me ..
    Не вярвам на очите си..
    I don't believe my eyes ..
    Наяве ли те имам
    Do I really have you?
    или си само сън? ..
    or you are just a dream? ..

    Ако една звезда си,
    If you're one star,
    която носи любов и светлина,
    which brings love and light
    не си отивай, недей, не ме оставяй,
    don't go, don't leave me,
    ще се изгубя пак без любовта!
    I will lose again without love!

    Но ако само сън си - сън остани си,
    But if you're just a dream - remain a dream,
    недей, не ме буди..
    don't, don't wake me up ..
    А погали ме и нежно целуни ме
    And caress me and gentle kiss me
    да съм щастлив поне в съня.
    to be happy least in dream.

    Проклинах си съдбата,
    I cursed my destiny
    обречен бях на самота..
    I was fated to loneliness ..
    Но вярваше душата,
    But my soul believe
    че теб те има, там по света..
    that you exist, somewhere in the world ..
    Сега пред мене ти стоиш
    Now you stand in front of me
    и вярвам на сърцето си..
    and I believe my heart ..
    Напълни го с любов,
    Fill it with love,
    с любов и светлина.
    with love and light.

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    Can you explain what means the "си"

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    @PIMOS hmm.. how to explain you , this "си" has two meanings :

    1. Is the second person of "to be" verb, ти си (ti si) - you are

    2. Is reflexive pronoun. A reflexive pronoun is a special kind of pronoun. It is usually used when the object of a sentence is the same as the subject.Each personal pronoun such as [/B]I, you, and she[/B] has its own reflexive form. (first explication)

    Reflexive pronouns are used instead of personal pronouns, when you refer to a noun, identical to the subject expressed in the sentence.(second explication)

    The explications are the same but are formulated differently.

    (Personal reflexive pronouns)

    It have long and short forms for accusative and dative cases.

    a) Accusative : - long form : себе си (sebe si)
    - short form: се (se)

    EXAMPLE: -long form: Видях себе си в огледалото
    (Vidiah sebe si v ogledaloto)
    I saw myself in the mirror

    -short form: Видях се в огледалото
    (Vidiah se v ogledaloto)
    The same meaning

    b) Dative : - long form : на себе си (na sebe si)
    - short form: си (si)

    EXAMPLE: -long form: Купих го за себе си
    (Kupih go za sebe si)
    I bought it for myself

    -short form: Купих си го
    (Kupih si go)
    The same meaning

    (Possesive relfexive pronouns)

    It have long and short forms for accusative and dative cases.

    Possesive reflexive pronouns in accusative and dative case replace possesive pronouns when the owner (of something) is the subject in the sentence.
    They have definite and indefinite forms for long form to masculine, feminine and neuter. For neuter also exists singular and plural forms. And of course have a short form which also is си


    1. Masculine: -indefinite: свой (svoi)
    -definite: своят/своя (svoiat/svoia)

    2. Feminine: -indefinite: своя (svoia)
    -definite: своята (svoiata)

    3. Neuter: Singular: -indefinite: свое (svoe)
    -definite: своето (svoeto)

    Plural: -indefinite: свои (svoi)
    -definite: своите (svoite)



    Long form:
    Взех своята чанта. (I took my bag)
    (Vzeh svoiata chanta)

    Short form:
    Взех чантата си. (Vzeh chantata si)

    I hope you will understand

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    In this case "си" means "are"

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