Converting text in Symbol font to Greek Unicode

Thread: Converting text in Symbol font to Greek Unicode

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  1. TonyAp said:

    Default Converting text in Symbol font to Greek Unicode

    I used to type Greek song lyrics in Symbol font (many years ago, when it was the only way I knew of to produce Greek letters on a computer). Later I learned about the foreign language code pages in Unicode fonts, and under Windows 2000 Pro I typed some lyrics in Greek Unicode fonts. But now I have Vista Home Edition, which doesn't allow me to set the keyboard to other languages.

    Two questions:

    1. I'd like to convert those old files from Symbol to Unicode fonts. Is there a program or web site that can do that?

    2. Is there any way to type in Greek Unicode under Vista Home Edition?
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    feuersteve said:


    I can't help you with #1, but for #2:

    Why don't you just switch your keyboard to Greek. I have XP on this computer but Vista should be similar.
    Go to control panel, regional and language options.
    Click on the language tab and details.
    Click on Add and add Greek.

    Most of the Greek letters will be in the same place as English. You will have to get used to it.

    ALT, Right Shift switches between the languages that you have turned on.

    For example, I have German and Bulgarian turned up on my computer.
    In German, some of the letters like ö ä ü ß are substituted for ; ' [ -
    In Bulgarian, all the Cyrillic letters are in various places, not in the equivalent places as the Latin equivalents.

    In Greek q = ς Y,y = Y,υ U,u = Θ,θ H,h = Η,η J,j = Ξ,ξ C,c=Ψ,ψ V,v = Ω,ω B,b = Β,β

    All the other Latin letters on your keyboard are the Greek equivalents.

    If you go to Google Translate, set the language to Greek and open the keyboard, you will see the layout.
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  3. TonyAp said:


    Thanks, Steve; that solves it. I tried it before and it didn't seem to work, but the problem was that "Language Bar" was "Hidden." I'm not sure why that was a choice at all, let alone the default choice, but I changed it to "Docked on the Taskbar."

    In order to get to the Language Bar options I had to click on "Change Keyboards," which I probably didn't try before because I would have thought it would change my keyboard. And I didn't even know there were any Language Bar options, so I wasn't looking for them.

    Anyway, now I can type in Greek just like I did in Windows 2000 Pro.

    Question 1 is not important now. I can just re-type those songs in Unicode fonts. All solved.