"Hello friends. This is a story about Guillermo Rigondeaux, a 2-time Olympic gold medalist and most decorated amateur boxer of all time with 480 fights and 12 losses. However, he is relatively unknown outside of Cuba because professional boxing is banned under Cuban government. A few years ago, he escaped Cuba, sacrificing his money and status as a national hero of Cuba, and leaving behind his family in order to come to America just to prove to the world he is the greatest boxer of all time. I already believe that myself because I have watched and praised him for years before he started his professional career. He is a master of defense (perhaps even greater than Floyd Mayweather Jr.) and somewhat of a hidden gem, just like Giorgio Petrosyan before his K-1 MAX debut. Dear Alfio, Giorgio, hardcore boxing fans, and all others who might be interested in watching a legacy unfold in front of you eyes, I invite you to join me on April 13, one month from today. Guillermo Rigondeaux will be fighting pound for pound and Fighter of the Year Nonito Donaire as an underdog, This is the fight he trained his whole life for and I also have never been more excited for a fight. I am confident that he will win and the world will finally give him some due recognition. Thank you all for reading."