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    Default Mahmoud El-Esseily Donia Gedida (2012 Album)

    Can anyone give a help with the album translating
    02.Eisha Helwa
    04.Donia Gdeda
    05.Set El Setat
    06.Adeny Baaiesh
    08.Enta Meny
    09.Hankhaf Men Eah
    10.Nazra Fe Eineky
    11.Warak Warak
    12.El Agzakhanah
    14.Mabsout Fe Makanak
    التكرار يعلم الشطار-practice makes perfect
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    Adeiny baaiesh
    I'm still alive

    ha'ia'a bgd mesh fakerha
    Really I don't remember her. "He doesn't mean he doesn't remember who she is, he means that he doesn't think of her anymore"

    w nasi bgd kol haga
    I don't remember anything

    w eisht hayati waya ghirha
    and I lived my life with someone else

    w badi l ghirha kol haga
    I gave someone else everything

    w law gat sodfa w eta'abelna
    And when we meet by chance

    bashofha osadi had adii
    I see her as a normal person "no one special"

    w basa'al nafsi 3ali beina, keda kol she' beyfoot
    And I ask myself about what we used to have, but every thing goes on "everything keeps on going".

    w yama aletly law beedna, haeish bahati toul hayati
    She used to say that if we parted, she would "thahti" all her life. (it means that she would talk to herself on and on as if she was crazy).

    w kont bahes law sabetni
    I used to feel "think" that if she left me

    ana baad menha hamoot
    I would die after that.

    w adeiny baeish ala kol hal
    But I'm still alive anyway.

    mein elly a'al bokra ma beynasish
    Who said that tomorrow doesn't make you forget "that tomorrow doesn't get any better"

    betoul da mein
    "This means that if anyone asked her who he was she would say and not hide or act as if she doesn't remember"

    w baoul di mein , adi ma bakhabish
    "same thing for him, if anyone asked him who she was, he would say and not hide it or act as if he doesn't know her"

    w badhak leih
    Why am I laughing!!

    badhak ashan kol elly kan beina kheles
    I'm laughing because everything we used to have ended

    w mafish wla alb daa baad el wadaa kolo byegri w yeeish
    and no one "of us" lost his heart, everything kept on going and we still lived.

    mafish wla haga fil donia ma betadish
    There's nothing in the world that doesn't keep on going.
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    We're alive.

    khalina habibty fi nafsena
    Baby let us think only of ourselves.

    ensy el donia w taali nemshi wara albena
    Forget about the world and let us follow our hearts.

    nefrah noro'os el leila kol dah mn ha'ena
    Let us be happy and dance coz it's our right.

    ya habibi enty w ana
    baby you and I.

    el leila ya habibty mkamela
    Baby the night is still young.

    yala fi hodni ta'ali tab eih el moshkela
    Come to my arms....what's wrong about that "where's the wrong in that!"

    el nas kolaha farhana w bteemel zayena
    Everyone is happy and they're doing the same thing we're doing

    ya habibty enty w ana aishein, ana w enty mabsootin
    Baby we're alive and happy, you and I, me and you.

    w bnesra' mn el snein lahzet farha w gnon
    we're stealing from the years a moment of joy and madness

    nla'eha tani feen?!!
    where would we find another moment like this again?!!

    waiaia habibty etameni
    With me baby don't worry

    mesh aizek tehsbiha, aizek tetganeni
    I don't won't you to think about it, I want you to get crazy

    el lahza di eishiha
    live this moment!

    Kol elly yhemeni nefrah enty w ana
    all I care about is that you and I would be happy

    ayami m3aki bahebaha
    I love my days with you

    wel ahlam el beeida b edaia lamastaha
    and I was able to touch the far away dreams with my own hands "with you"

    da el youm elly baeisho ana w enty w hobena ya habibty b alf sana
    baby the day I live with you and with our love is worth a hundred years

    We're alive

    Enty w ana
    you and I

    w bnesra' mn el sneen lahzet farha w gnon
    And we're stealing from the years a moment of joy and madness

    nla'eha tani fein
    Where would we find it again?!!!
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    a smile/laugh

    tetkhano'oh leh maa baad, leih bs estano
    Why would you fight with each other. why!

    da dehka wahda momken thel shkalko
    One smile can solve/end your problems

    bos l bokra tethal mashaklak fi sania
    Look forward to the future and your problems will be solved in a second.

    zay ma a'loo edhak tedhak el donia
    Like they said, when you smile, Life smiles back

    dehket wahed maksoof maazom ala el fetar
    a smile of someone who's invited over breakfast.

    dehket wahed l ra'eiso bs edterar
    a smile of someone to his boss only because he has to.

    dehka safra ala nokta kanet baykha
    a smile over a silly joke.

    dehket bet helwa mn el hob daikha
    a smile of a beautiful girl who's madly in love.

    dehka law khabat el arabeia
    a smile when you hit your car

    sa'at fil kolia
    or when you fail in college

    nseit el hedia
    or when you forget a present

    dehka lama tbosy fi telephonek w yhmar lonek aal eh mkhabeia
    a smile when you look at your phone and you are all red as if you're shy.

    dehka mn el alb hataadi mesh momken hate'zy hatlef el donia
    A smile from the heart will pass over, it would never hurt "anyone" and would travel around the world.

    betarab mafish gaw mkahrab mateb2ash meshtaghrab da el dehka sehreina
    a smile brings people close "to each other" /brings you close to someone, there won't be any tension......Don't be surprised, a smile is something magical.

    yala yala nefrah yala ntalaa el hozn
    Come on let us be happy , let us get the sadness out of us.

    yala edhaklaha tedhaklak walahi keda ashalak da el dehka di betadi
    Come on smile to her and she'll smile back.... this is really easy coz a smile passes over.

    deket ebnak w howa mbahdel el owda
    The smile of your son when he's messing up his room.

    Dehket bent fi khotobetha ah makhdoda
    The smile of a girl on engagement day coz she's excited.

    dehka tkhali el moseiba sooda mesh beida
    a smile turns any disaster from black into white. "it means that a smile can turn anything bad to something good"

    dehka mn el alb hataadi w hatlef el donia
    a smile from the heart will pass over and travel the world.
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    donia gdeida
    a new life

    aalo alina mganin
    They said we're crazy

    w e7na fdelna wara albena mashieen
    Yet we followed our hearts

    donia gdeida nebtediha
    a new world to start

    w albi w rouhi radieen
    Both my heart and soul are satisfied

    bahebek zay awel mara
    I love you like the first time

    lesa bahebek
    I still love you

    bahesek donia gdida
    I feel like you're a new life 'for me"

    mesh nasi awel mara dhekti wana baghani
    I didn't forget the first time you smiled when I was singing

    ehsasy wenty samaani
    My feelings when you were listening

    w hawalina nas mesh fahmeen
    and around us there were people who didn't understand ..........

    en e7na l baad mn wehna soghaiareen
    that we are meant for each other since we were young

    donia gdida hlemna biha
    a new world we dreamed of

    wahi ha'eia'a shaifenha ehna el etneen
    and now it became real and we're both seeing it.
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    eisha helwa
    a good life

    shaief ghioum benshilha mn el sama
    I see clouds that we're removing from the sky

    w el shams talaa odamek enty w ana
    and the sun is in front us you and I

    shaief bladna fi hayatna aazam balad
    I see my country in our lives is the best country

    shaief osour gowa el harat
    I see castles in the alleyways.

    shaief zhour ala shbabeek el emarat
    I see roses on the balconies.

    shaief fnon malia el shaware
    I see art in the streets.

    shaief qanon mnawar w l baladi ragee
    I see a glowing law that is coming back to us.

    al shaab yoreid eisha helwa
    people want a good life

    ha'oh fi kramto w ha'oh fil hayah
    their dignity rights and their rights to live.

    al shaab yoreid balad hora
    people want a free country

    mn zolm gowa abl elly bara
    "free" of the inside injustice before the outside one.

    shaief kheir maly el arady
    I see goodness on the lands

    shaief el elil byedhak w radii
    I see the night smiling and satisfied

    shaief el nour fi ion el welad
    I see the light in the eyes of children

    shaief hadara w azama w amgad
    I see culture, greatness and glories

    shaief alameia snaa masreya
    I see international Egyptian manufacture

    hases fil hawa rihet horeia
    I feel that there's a smell of freedom in the air

    shaief ahlam ala marma el basar
    I see dreams in sight

    shaief shaab kafeh w entasar
    I see people that fought and won
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    el agzakhana

    aloo el agzakhana fatheen wala afleen
    Hello drugstore/pharmacy ..are you open or closed?

    aloo fi nas taabana w mesh arfeen wagaahom gay mneen
    Hello, there are sick people and they don't know where does their wound come from?!!

    fi nas tenhab w tsafer aishein fouo el sahab
    There are people that rob and travel .....they're living over the clouds

    w nas tesaab ala el kafer anokoush dawa lel ekteab
    And there are people that even a godless person would feel sorry for, don't you have a medicine for depression?!!!

    Aizeen melioon kamamashameen kousa w qolqas
    We need/want a million gag as we're smelling Zucchini and taro

    w nadafet eih maa el salama shwarena btobroo betzahlaa kol el nas
    and what cleanliness ! kiss it goodbye! our streets are shiny that people are slipping ..... "this is sarcasm"

    haga bahdala andena alf moshkela
    What a mess!! we have like a thousand problems

    haga maskhara w eishetna di baet ............
    what a masquerade!! our life has became a ****

    w mesh ayzeen el wade yesoo
    and we don't want the situation to get any worse

    aloo el agzakhana fatheen wala afleen
    Hello drugstore/pharmacy ..are you open or closed?

    aloo fi nas taabana w mesh arfeen wagaahom gay mneen
    Hello, there are sick people and they don't know where does their pain come from?!!

    fi nas la mowakhza kheraa ayzeen shwaiet vitamin
    No offense but there are quaky/droopy/weak people who need some vitamins

    saibein nilna baa teraa w aklenha walaa fi houo el bani admeein
    they letting our Nile to become a canal and stealing the human rights

    zaman kan lina heiba beykhaf mena el tekhein
    Before we used to have a prestige that scared the big ones.

    ayzeen dawa lel kheiba w yareit maah mesbah alaa el din
    We want a medicine for disappointment and the lamp of Aladdin.
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    el leila

    el leila gheir kol youm w leila
    tonight is not like any other night

    el sahra di tweela fi oloubna sameein mazika
    the evening is long and in our hearts we hear music

    di tabla w da re
    this is a drum and that is a Riq "a music tool"

    w di kmanga
    and this is a violin

    da ana albi feraa gamda
    my heart is a great band....

    hatghsni leiky el leila
    that will song for you tonight

    khslins neish maa baad
    come on let's live together

    mn gheir la fora wla bood
    without parting or separation

    al helwa wel mora haneish sawa
    Let's live together in sweetness or bitterness
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    enty menny
    You're from me "you're a part of me"

    fi keda fil donia baheb kol sania
    Is there anything in the world like this!!!!, I fall in love every second.

    kol haga btemeliha bashof wladi fiha
    everything you do, I see my kids in it "in you"

    w mesh momken hasibek wla haadar astahmel
    I can't leave and I won't bare ......

    hayah enty mesh fiha
    a life you're not in it.

    toul ma enta maia ewaa tekhaf mn haga
    as long as I'm with you, don't be scared of anything

    el leila di w kol leila
    this night and every night

    mn el nahards haneish el hayah
    from today we will live the life

    enta menny w ana mennak
    you're from me and I'm from you "you're a part of me and I'm a part of you"

    wana shaifak oudammy mesh ader atkhaiel
    I see you in front of me and I can't imagine

    eno baad sawanni ana w enta hanetkamel
    that a second from now you and I will complete each other.

    w hatefdali maia fi hayati w gowaia
    and you'll be with me in my life and inside of me....

    ad ma omry ytoul
    as long as my life goes on/continues. "for the rest of my life".
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    they played me

    el ghorba nasetni eny kan li hob fi masr
    Foreignness made me forget that I once had a love in Egypt.

    greit wra el shaar el asfar w el oion el khodr
    and I ran after blond hair "blond girls" and green eyes.

    w yama oult ala banatna el salama
    and many times I said goodbye to our girls "Egyptian girls"

    w yama seibt ahla ebtesama
    and a lot of times I left the best smile

    roht henak laetni fi heta mn el gana
    I went there "abroad" and I found myself in a part of heaven

    mn kol sanf w loon el alb yetmana
    of every kind and color any heart/one desires.

    eshtaghalooni w khadooni al bahr w atshan ragaoni
    They played me and to the sea they took me and brought me back thirsty. "he means that foreign girls played him and seduced him then left him longing for more/left him thirsty"

    ya nas elhaouni fil bard bayaouni hedoumi
    Help me people!!! they "foreign girls" made me sell my clothes in the cold.

    ya bent baladi ha'ek alaia
    My country " 's " girl please forgive me!

    akhod skina fi albi w rsasa fi einaia
    "I deserve" a knife in my heart and a bullet in my eyes.
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    there are still 5 more songs ... I'll do them later

    1- hankhaf mn eih
    2- nazra fi eineky
    3- mabsout fi makanak
    4- set el setat
    5- wrak wrak
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    Here you go the rest

    hankhaf mn eih
    What would we be afraid of?!!

    bethebeny softaha fi eneik
    you love me. I saw it in your eyes

    mana rouhy zayak rahet leik
    just like you, my soul went to you "I'm yours"

    leh ndary kol el wa'at dah??!!
    why would we hide "what we feel for each other" all that time?!!

    olhaly yala belah alik
    for god's sake come on say it to me

    ma khalas habibiy gamaana mkan
    baby we have already been united in/by one place

    eih elly naes tany kman
    what else is missing??!! "what else do we need!!"

    ba'a mesh haram nefdal kda
    isn't it unfair to keep it "hidden" that way!!!

    dah el mestakhabi mseiro yban
    anything's hidden, there will come time for it and be revealed.

    hankhaf mn eih
    what would we be afraid of?!!

    dah elly ehna hasein bih, mn gheirna aiesh fih
    Who else is living what we're feeling!! "what we having"

    mhiarny leh!!
    why are you puzzling me/confusing me!!!

    dana leik w maak ya enta ya ema balash
    I'm yours and with you's you or no one else

    anak ma bastaghnash.. maak alby aash
    I can't be without you ......with you, my heart lives "beats"

    leh neagel el mawdou baadeen
    why would we postpone this matter for later!

    amel hesab delwaty l mein
    "who's worth all your time/thoughts and thinking!!"

    hafrah awy law oltaha
    I would be so happy if you said it

    layeen l baad ehna el etneein
    we're both a great match for each other

    ana w enta metefeen fi hagat
    we have some things in common

    nafs el olub nafs el daat
    same hearts, same beats

    melkak hayati kolaha...wayak btehlaw el awaat
    my life is all yours, with you my time/life is becoming more lovely.
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    mabsoot fi mkanak
    Happy where you are

    ereftak wana lesa soghaiar
    I know you since you were little

    w mkansh fi baly en el omr osayar
    I didn't realize that life is short

    da enta arefny aktar ma ahly arfeny
    You know me better than my own family

    w mahma atganen kont enta elly fahemny
    and when I go crazy you were the only one who gets me

    ghariba el donia w heya mn ghira
    Life is different "strange" without you.

    bs ana aref en howa da el kheir
    But I know that this is for the best

    w gdida yua sahby el donia mn gheirak
    Life is new to me without you my friend

    ana aref enak fi mkan ahla bktir
    I know that you're in a better place

    bs ana halef el alam kolo ashanak
    I will travel the whole world for you

    w hagarab kol haga helwa bdalak
    And I will try everything good for you "in your place"

    Hasalilak w fi kol sania hadeilak
    And I'll pray for you every second......

    en rabena ykhailk mabsoot fi mkanak
    May god makes you happy where you are.

    w bzekriatak w nourak fi alby
    And with your memory and light in my heart......

    hatehdar farahy w teros ganby
    You'll attend my wedding and dance with me.

    w ebny haykoon esmo ala esmak
    And my son will be named after you

    hayeraf sourtak w yerhfaz esasak
    He will know your photo and your story.

    yama sherna w yama frehna
    We used to stay up all night, we used to have so much fun "joy"

    w wasina baad lama tgarahna
    We even consoled each other when we got hurt.

    Beyren fi wedny dehkak w soutak
    I still can hear the echo of your laugh and voice. "Your voice and laugh are still ringing like a bell in my ears"

    Mesh ader hata amsah telephonak
    I can't even delete your phone number.

    Yama hrebna w b arabeitak saferna
    We used to runaway in your car and travel.

    w yama fi kalam el koura etkhaneana
    We even used to fight over football.

    delwaaty ana magrouh b khosartak
    Now I'm hurt by the loss of you.

    malheatesh aolak eny adartak
    I didn't have the time to tell you how much I appreciated you.
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    nazra fi eineky
    A look in your eyes

    leh afla ala nafsek
    Why do you close yourself off "from everything"?!!!

    aada fi heta lwahdek
    sitting in a corner alone

    mn shoghlek l beitek
    from work to home

    w mn beitek l shoghlek
    And from home to work.

    leh eineky shaifa ghioum
    Why do your eyes see clouds?.......

    da hata el sama zaraa
    When the sky is blue!!!!!

    w en kan ala el hmoum walahy mesh faraa
    If it's for the concerns "worries", then it doesn't matter.

    leh nkhaly grouhna heya elly teaieshna
    Why would we let our wounds lead us??!! "Why would we let wounds be the thing that make us live?!!!"

    w leh nkhsly olubna el hozn habesha
    And why would we let grief locks up our hearts!!!!

    fih nazra fi eneiky betouly taala
    There's a look in your eyes that tells me to come.....

    tallany mn elly ana fih, ana leik mehtaga.
    and pull you up from all this coz you need me.

    w en kan alaia dana ashiek fi einaya
    And if it's up to me I would hold you "keep you safe" in my eyes.

    law seibtek yebaa elly beinaa haram alaia
    And If I ever leave you then ban me from what we have.

    ensy l sania demaghek w emshy wara albek.
    leave your mind for a second and follow your heart.

    wla enty mesh ayza el doina tedhaklek
    Don't you want life to smile to you!!

    leh shaifa el olub maafoula w masdooda
    Why do you see hearts closed and blocked!!!!

    w ezay ayza el ghroub w habsa nafsek fi ouda
    How do you want to see the sunset if you're locking up on yourself in a room.

    grouhna betawina w alamna btedina
    Our wounds are the things that make us stronger and our pain is what gives us ...........

    el forsa netalem el hayah di gamila
    The opportunity to learn that life is beautiful.

    fih nazra fi eneiky betouly taala
    There's a look in your eyes that tells me to come.....

    tallany mn elly ana fih, ana leik mehtaga.
    and pull you up from all this coz you need me.

    w en kan alaia dana ashiek fi einaya
    And if it's up to me I would hold you "keep you safe" in my eyes.

    law seibtek yebaa elly beinaa haram alaia
    And If I ever leave you then ban me from what we have.

    El farh w el hozn gowana mawgodin bs aleina nekhtar gowana gana w gowana nar w ehna fi edeina el qarar.
    There are happiness "joy" and sadness "sorrow" inside us but it's up to us to choose whether we want heaven or hell inside us.

    w akhiran geity hadeity w rdeity
    and finally you came calm and satisfied.

    da el farha fi einek shaiefha hawalia
    I can see the joy that is in your eyes around me.

    w hayati beiky akid haga tania
    My life with you must be something else.

    w rgouek leiky ahla haga fil donia
    And you coming back to yourself must be the best thing in the world.
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    ya set el setat
    The "most feminine" WOMAN of all women!!!

    yala ala el tabla
    Come on, on the drums.

    yala ya esseily baa
    Come on Esseily "that's his name".

    shaief fiky hagat mahadesh shafha gheiry
    I see in you things no one saw but me.

    ya set el setat ya talaa fi el sama
    You, the "most feminine" WOMAN of all women!!, you're up in the sky.

    ya saiaa el dalal alaia w ala gheiry
    You, who coquette me and all other men......

    amoot ana fil gamal, tab arouhlek fin ana
    I'm dying here by your beauty, where shall I go!!!

    ktir elly enty btemelih
    It's too much what you're doing....

    kam wahed dab w wahed dawakhtih
    How many men fell in love with you and were head over heals for you!!!!

    ktir lafeit w shoft blad
    I traveled a lot and I've seen too many countries.

    ma edert ansaky ya ahla el bant
    And I still didn't forget about you , you who are the most beautiful!!!

    ya alba el mizan mabafakrsh gheir fiky
    You, who are setting the balance upside down!!, I don't think about anyone but you.

    enty bel alwan w abiad eswed ana
    You're in color and I'm in black and white.

    dana souty rah wel kol ynadiky
    I lost my voice calling for you when every one else was calling.

    beyoulo ya tofah bs ana baghir ana
    they're calling you apple and I get jealous.
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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    wrak wrak
    I'll follow you

    gaiii mnein kol el gamal elly enta fih
    Where does all this beauty in you come from??!!

    tab rayeh fein mesh laay kalam nefsy alaeih
    Where are you going??!! I can't find the words, I wish I could!!

    eneik el etnein fihom kalam khaief yeban
    In your eyes there are words and you're scared to get them out.

    w bdehketin khalouny ashoof albak kman
    and with two smiles I was able to see your heart as well.

    asl ksoufak shadeny.
    Your shyness attracted me.

    w asl ana nefsy thebeny
    I wish If you can love me.

    law roht fein wrak wrak
    Wherever you go I'll follow you

    da el sabr moftah el farag
    Patience is the key to relief.

    aluoly eih elly msabarak
    They asked me why am I so patient??!!!

    aslak malak gah bel ghalat
    "I said" because you're an angel who came here by mistake.

    khadna eih mn el aalein
    What did we take from sane people!!

    hoby leik mn senein
    I love you since forever.

    ghayar hayati kolaha
    you changed my whole life.

    hata el negoum baedaha
    I even started to count the stars.

    baghraa ana fi eneek w atouh
    I drown and get lost in your eyes.

    asly ana ghawi bahdla
    I want to be all messed up.

    wel kelma di ana adaha.
    And I mean what I'm saying.

    tayeb army nafsy mn el sotuh!!
    I would throw myself from the housetop!!! "for you"