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    lovelyaltagracia said:


    btehki fi eh
    What are you saying/talking about!!

    w gai l albi tloum alih
    You come to blame me! "blame my heart"

    kan yeaml eh mae had sabo masaalsh fih
    What should it "my heart" had to do?! with some one like you... left it "my heart" and didn't care.

    magetsh enta leh wla maadertesh tdahi
    Why didn't you come to me 'from the beginning", couldn't you risk taking the first step? "couldn't you part with it"

    eskot ahsan blash nsahi garh kont afalt alih
    Please stop and let us not awaken the pain I already put an end to.

    ensani w rouh lhalak w abelni law albi youm ndalak
    Go your own separate way, I promise/assure you my heart won't call for you. "My heart won't call for you... you'll see!!"

    hagat ktir gowaia mnak alemet msh hansahalak
    there are a lot of things you did left a mark on me and I won't be able to forget that!

    mfakar eh! ana albi sahl adahi bi
    What did you think! that it's easy to give you my heart again!........

    hatsibo adi w lama tehtaglo tlaaih
    for you to leave it and come back when you need it! "whenever you want'

    w aaolak eh!
    What can I tell you!

    albi saab bgd yensa
    It's difficult for my heart to forget......

    shaf ktir mnak w lesa gai tekdeb tani alih
    It has seen a lot from you! and you still come to lie on it again.