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    Default catchy music from a car commercial

    hi all,

    while i was watching the tv a few months back, i say a car commercial with music i really liked. the music seems to be just intrumental, since a piano was playing the beginning of the part and there was no one singing it. and towards the end of the commercial it sounds as if a horn or saxophone joins the piano. the notes of the piano seems really complex, it played pretty fast and sort of goes from a high note, then gradually lowers down to a low note, then gradually raises to a high note again.

    i dont remember the car the commercial was advertising, but if it helps it was a white car driving through a grassy natural landscape (it was driving on a road, of course), and i think i remember a red curtain somewhere (the car stops and it sorta went on front of the car or something, to block it), but the commercial was a while back so i dont really have a clear image of the commercial. im not even sure if the red curtain was really in this particular commercial and not in some other ones.

    can anyone help me find this song? i would greatly appreciate the help!

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    Hi p4fn2w~

    My son seemed to think it was a Saturn commercial, so I did a search and found that "The Walkmen" gained quite a bit of attention and popularity with their song "We've Been Had" ---it was featured on a Saturn commercial and described as their "tinkly piano intro."

    I found a sound clip of the song at Amazon,com. The name of the album is 'Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone.'

    Hope this helps - if I find a clip that has the exact part used for the commercial I'll come back and post it here. Not sure if it's the one but worth a try for you I guess?!


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