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    aila said:

    Cool Maher Zain - Nas Teshbehlena | ناس تشبهلنا - ماهر زين

    this is my try, hope to get the correction (green bold is the corrected one, credit to amnah)


    ناس تشبهلنا
    nas teshbehlena
    People like us

    ايوه فيكم مننا نفس روحنا و دمنا
    aiwa fikom minnena nafsi rou7na w dammina
    Yeap! Inside yours from all of us, the same souls and blood
    Yes indeed, we all are alike, the same souls and blood
    قلبنا بيرتاح اوام للى فعلا زينا
    2albina berta7 awam lelly fa3lan zayina
    Our hearts rest quickly, worked like us
    We get along (feel comfortable), with whom are like us
    الكلام نفس الكلام حتى نفس الاهتمام
    el kalam nefsi el kalam 7ata nefsi el ihtimam
    Words! The same words, until the same concern
    (we have the same conversations) Words! The same words, even the same concerns
    عشره مش ممكن تهون يوم من الايام
    3ashra mesh momkin tehoun youm men el ayam
    Companionship is possible to be a day from many days
    Companionship can't ever be forgotten no matter what

    ************************************************** ****

    حتى .. لونا و شكلنا
    7ata... louna w shaklena
    Even... our colour and forms
    يعنى انا شبهك تمام
    ya3ni ana shabahak tamam
    That means I am look like you perfectly
    That means I look like you exactly
    و بتجمعنا حاجات حلوه اكيد
    w betgama3na hagat 7elwa akeed
    And the things have gathering us, are really sweet
    And we have many wonderful things in common
    يلا نمد الايد من غير كلام
    yalla nemede el 2eyd men gheer kalam
    Come on! We stretch our hands from other than words
    Come on! no need to talk, just give me your hand (means shake hands, for salam)
    اجمل الاوقات بتيجى على البال
    agmal el aw2at betigi 3al bal
    The most beautiful times, you come to mind
    When The most beautiful times, memories cross the mind
    يبقى الحمل جبال ننساه اوام انت وانا
    yeb2a el 7emli gebal nensah awam enta wana
    Stay carrying on hills*, we forget quickly... you and me = the role as khalifa.
    Even if we have tough Duties, together we can pass over it

    ************************************************** ****

    ناس بترتاحلك ساعات ياخدوا قلبك من سكات
    nas betreta7lak sa3at yakhodo 2albak men sokat
    People have resting to you the times, take your heart from silent
    Sometimes people feel comfy with you, they take your heart, without saying a word
    و يخطفوك من غير كلام اصل فيك منهم حاجات
    w yekhtafok men gheer kalam asli feek menhom hagat
    And abduct you from other than words, originally in you such things
    And take you all of a sudden, without saying anything, no doubt you are just like them
    و فى حياتك معدودين اللى بكره مكملين
    w fi 7ayatak ma3doudeen elly bokra mokameleen
    And in your life, it counted that tomorrow will be completed
    And in your life, you cant find good people every day! They are quite few whom staying forever with you
    دا انتوا وقت الاختلاف بنلاقيكوا متفقين
    da ento wa2t el ekhtilaf benla2iko metif2een
    It's you, time in difference you find agreed
    Because you people agree to disagree


    مهما قابلنا صعب نحس بفرحه غير وياكو
    mahma 2abilna sa3ab ne7si bifar7ah gheer w yako
    No matter the hardship before us, we feel the joy of other and you
    No matter how hard are the things we are facing, with you we feel very special (happy moments)
    كل دقيقه حلوه بيكووو بتجمعنا
    kol da2i2a 7elwa beykoo betgama3na
    Every minute of sweetness become you to gather with us
    Every minute of joy we had together is priceless
    ايه فى الدنيا يساوى لحظه معاكو
    eih fi el donya yosawi la7za ma3ako
    What have in the world is same like a moment with you
    Any other thing in the world is worthless, its nothing compared to a moment with you
    طول ماانتوا جنبنا... ايه هيهمنا
    tol ma ento ganbina... eih haimena
    Long (time) you were not my our side, be surrounded with us
    As long as you are on our side... we don't care about anything
    كان نفسنا من زمان فعلا نفرح من قلبنا
    kan nefsena men zaman fa3lan nefra7 men 2albina
    We were with ourselves (alone) from such a long time
    We were wishing for so long to feel so happy deep inside our hearts
    لو تبعدنا السنين خليكو قريبين
    law teb3adna el sneen khaleko 2aribeen
    If we're separating years, lets be close
    Even if the time take us away.. just keep in touch.. after all we finally found people like us..
    احنا ما صدقنا اخيرا
    e7na ma sada2na akheeran
    we're not believe on finally
    Who would've thought about that happening.
    ان فى ناس تشبهلنا
    ena fi nas teshbehlena
    Indeed, there're people like us
    فيهم مننا
    fihom minnena
    We all are alike

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    Please where can I download the vocals only version of Nas Teshbehlena?