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    Question Can some one translate this to english please? - סטלוס ואורן חן - מפונקת

    I want to translate the lyrics into Arabic so if anyone could translate to English that would be very much appreciated.

    Perhaps some one can also include transliterated Hebrew?

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    Here you go!

    Mefuneket - Spoiled

    at noheget beferari sport im gag shachor
    you’re driving in a sport Ferrari with a black roof
    jins shel Dolce veGabana sama Kristian Dior
    jeans from Dolce and Gabana, she put on Kristian Dior
    ve’ani bachur pashut sherak ktzat meflartet
    and I’m a simple boy and just flirting a little
    aval chutz me’ahava ein li ma latet
    but besides love, I don’t have anything to give

    eizo mefuneket nafla etzli bareshet
    which spoiled girl fell into my net
    kol ma shemevakeshet rak chom ve’ahava
    all what you’re asking for is just sand and love
    eizo mefuneket nafla etzli bareshet
    which spoiled girl fell into my net
    halev sheli patuach latet lach ahava
    my heart is open to give you love

    az telchi le’ima ve’aba tagidi shepagasht bachur ptzatza
    so go to your mother and father, tell them you met a wonderful boy
    ve’ohevet verak oto rotza
    and you love him and you just want him

    beroyalty at kona lach et hatchshitim
    at Royalty, you buy jewelry for yourself
    et hatisot le chuyal, at tasa rak be’asakim
    your flights abroad, you only fly business class
    eich oti at mefaneket ze lo ye’uman
    how you’re spoiling me, this will not be trained
    li at kvar notenet lehargish kmo don juan
    you just let me feel like Don Juan
    под снегопадами...

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    Great translation Sutaris.
    Just a tiny typo.
    Chom ve'Ahava I think is Warmth and Love. Not Sand and Love.

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